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Custom window shapes, typically called architectural windows, are a great way to increase curb appeal for your home, providing the finishing touch on an exterior home improvement project.

These windows, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be used alone as a single focal point or in combination with other windows to create a show-stopping view of your home. Architectural windows will complement your home’s unique style, while allowing more natural light to brighten up your space. Shaped windows look great above other styles of windows or they can easily accent a patio door.

These windows vary in energy efficiency, ventilation and view, depending on whether they’re fixed or operable, and which window brand and glass options are selected.

available window Shapes

Imagine the possibilities

Whether you’re partial to arch windows, round windows, octagon windows or something else, ProVia has a custom window shape collection that enables you to envision a glamorous new façade for your home.

DESIGN BY Exterior Style

Choose a shape that complements your home​

Specific custom window shapes are oftentimes associated with a certain home style. Learn more about the window shapes we recommend for these types of homes.



  • Two story, salt-box style home
  • Symmetrical architecture
  • Double hung windows with grids
  • Steep, side-gabled roofs


  • Occasional wide, overhanging eaves
  • A covered front porch
  • Pillars lining the entry
  • Double hung windows


  • Clean lines and geometric shapes
  • Natural materials like wood, stone and exposed concrete
  • Flat or low-pitched gable or shed roof


  • Arched entryways or windows
  • Barrel tile roofs
  • Light-colored stucco walls
  • Woodgrain doors, typically in rich colors


  • Mix of half timbers, stucco, stone or brick with decorative entryways
  • Steep slate roof with dormers & gables
  • Tall, narrow, multi-paned windows


  • Asymmetrical design
  • Large wrap-around porches
  • Ornate decorative trim
  • Towers, turrets and dormers

architectural Window Brands

Choose the right options package for your needs

ProVia’s custom window shapes are available with a variety of options, like decorative or stained window glass, privacy glass, tinted glass and interior grids, to further amp up your home’s curb appeal. Browse our window brands to learn more about the design options available for our architectural windows.
Circle Top XL (arch window)
Full Circle (round window)
Full Eyebrow (eyebrow window)
Full Eyebrow XL (extended eyebrow)
Circle Top (half-round window)
Single Hung with Circle Top (single hung half-round window)
Quarter Circle (quarter round window)
Gothic (cathedral window)
Isolated image of Aeris™ wood-clad arch windows with grids

Shaped Windows

Superior vinyl window construction paired with a beautiful wood-clad interior.
Isolated image of Aspect™ white arch windows with grids

shaped Windows

Stunning energy efficiency and the most options for colors, glass and more.
Isolated image of an Endure™ arch windows with grids

shaped Windows

Excellent mid-range window with high energy efficiency & sturdy construction.
Isolated image of ecoLite™ white double hung and arch windows with grids

shaped Windows

The best option for homeowners seeking a white, all-vinyl, economy-class window.

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ProVia offers the most popular window styles you see in American homes, plus some that cater to very specific needs. We specialize in offering custom windows that meet exactly the design details, sizes, quality and budget you need. Learn more about our other window styles.


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