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Peace of mind from the inside out

Not all vinyl siding is the same. At first, it might be difficult to tell the difference between a good vinyl siding panel and an outstanding one. But over time, the true strength and quality of each panel will be revealed.

ProVia’s super polymer vinyl siding is formulated from the inside out to provide superior durability and weatherability. The strong molecular chain that begins within our siding makes it pliable, impact resistant, and weather resistant, which results in beautiful siding built to last a lifetime.

High-Tension Structural Return & Nail Depth Guide

  • More rigid connection to the exterior wall
  • Helps prevent nails from being nailed too tightly

Double-Ply Nailing Hem

  • Double the tear resistance
  • Increased high wind performance

Twister Lock & Cyclonic Locking System

  • Bolsters the lock
  • Enhances overall rigidity
  • Withstands winds of 160 (mph, ASD) 179 (mph, ASD)—8" Board and Batten*

Standard Design Pressure Rating: 62.1 psf (ASD); 77.7 psf (ASD)—8" Board and Batten*

Florida Building Code FL#1712.5

Rigid Eps Foam Insulation

  • Maximum thermal R-value2 performance
  • Increases panel rigidity
  • Greater impact resistance than non-insulated siding
  • Contains PREVENTOL® TM3 termite protection

1 ⅛" Panel Projection

  • Enhanced shadow lines
  • Added panel rigidity

Drop Guard

  • Prevents the panel from dropping out of the lock during installation
  • Secures the patented Twister Lock and Cyclonic Locking System

Super Polymer Formulation

ProVia’s Super Polymer formulation is comprised of our Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology, Weather Barrier Shield, SPX-2000 UV Protection and Color Keeper AntiFade Protection. Inorganic materials, anti-weathering ingredients, butyl and acrylic modifiers are melded together to create a strong molecular chain for superior color retention and weather resistance.


Engineered for excellence

The precise formulation of each siding panel on a molecular level is just part of an overall state-of-the-art performance system. Factors such as high-tension structural return & nail guide depth, installer-friendly locks, double ply nailing hems, and drop guards play an integral role in the exceptional performance of ProVia’s vinyl siding. Explore our 3D model above to learn more about this performance system.


It's the ingredients that count

A combination of pigments affords a variety of vivid, natural colors. These pigments characterize outstanding color weatherability.
This ingredient adds strength, toughness, durability and high impact resistance. Our product rates as a high grade #1—the highest impact resistance for the life of the products.
This ingredient ensures protection of ProVia’s vinyl siding against UV and thermal heat build-up.
Used to control the weatherization characteristics of our siding. Our precision computerized blending of TiO2 with all other elements ensures maximum durability and protection.
Functioning within a controlled system, this ingredient generates uniformity in composition and appearance.
The key ingredient. Keep reading to learn what makes super polymer so special!

WHAT is super polymer?

Think of it as sunscreen…for your house

Our Super Polymer formulation consists of four main components that meld together to form a strong molecular chain. Learn about what makes each of these key components vital to the overall performance of super polymer vinyl siding.


Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology

Heat-resistant inorganic pigments ensure exacting deep colors, reflect heat from exterior walls, and deflect solar rays to reduce solar heat build-up and unsightly weathering.

Weather Barrier

A concentration of precisely formulated anti-weathering materials on the siding's surface help ensure long-lasting color fidelity and low-maintenance freedom for your home’s exterior.

UV Protection

Much like sunscreen helps block the sun's harmful rays from your skin, this layer of protection helps shield your siding from the destructive effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Color Keeper Anti-Fade Protection

Super polymer vinyl siding is meticulously engineered with the finest mix of ingredients that build a stronger molecular chain for superior color retention.

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

The ultimate peace of mind

We guarantee our Super Polymer Vinyl Siding will resist fading, chalking, cracking, peeling, and thermal expansion and contraction—and we back it with our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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