Decorative Glass Windows

Create a focal point

Installing new windows offers homeowners the opportunity to express their creativity with design enhancements that add curb appeal while also increasing privacy. ProVia’s Decorative glass windows combine attractive designs made from clear beveled glass and caming with privacy glass panels that draw attention to your home.

Highly skilled craftsmen assemble hand-beveled glass accented with a variety of unique glass options by cutting, mitering and soldering each component into artistically designed patterns. That personal touch provides the purposeful visual character of small imperfections—textural waves, striations, random air bubbles and other natural effects—that make each piece of decorative glass unique. Homeowners can further customize their Decorative glass windows with a caming color choice that complements their home’s style.

Decorative Glass:

How it's Made

Did you know that ProVia’s decorative glass is hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen—from the caming that outlines each unique pattern to the individual pieces of glass showcased in every style? Watch as a featured decorative glass design carefully comes together from start to finish in this short video.

Beautiful and energy efficient

Enhancements for Endure™ and Aeris™

ProVia’s Decorative glass is available as an option for the highly energy-efficient Endure™ and Aeris™ window brands in a variety of window styles. Each pattern offers three design styles, from the full design to a simplified version or transom style design for further customization choices.

Choose your design

Patterns for every style home

ProVia has thoughtfully created Decorative front door glass designs that complement the overall aesthetic of a variety of home styles, including Classic/Colonial, Craftsman, Modern and Victorian.

Click on the names below to see each design style up close, and watch the accompanying decorative glass video to see real-life applications of the glass.

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