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Built from low-maintenance, durable material

ProVia’s Aeris™ wood-clad windows have frames that are made of vinyl—one of the most versatile materials. Vinyl products can be engineered to be flexible or rigid, clear or colorful, thick or thin. It’s the third largest volume plastic material in North America. Products made from vinyl have these common qualities: strength, durability, abrasion- and moisture-resistant, rust- and corrosion-resistant, electrically non-conductive and excellent fire performance properties.

The exteriors of Aeris wood-clad windows are constructed of a uniquely formulated, proprietary European vinyl compound proven to perform better than alternative building materials.

Key features

Designed for the highest level of functionality

These residential wood-clad vinyl windows are uniquely engineered through a patented system that fully integrates real wood interiors with maintenance-free vinyl exteriors. This unique system was designed specifically for homeowners who want the best wood-interior windows and who value the warmth and beauty of wood. Choosing both wood and vinyl for your window is a win-win—you get the beauty of wood inside, plus low-maintenance vinyl outside.

  • Real Wood-Interior Windows—The warmth and beauty of wood that can be stained, sanded and re-stained or painted.
  • Pre-Finished Interior Wood Options—Oak, cherry or maple, with professional, factory-applied finishes, stained or painted to your specifications.
  • Durable Framing—Superior construction to wood replacement windows, ensuring that you have one of the most durable and beautiful home replacement window systems available.
  • Low Maintenance Exterior—Never requiring re-painting, the low-maintenance choice for residential use.
  • Superior Weatherability—Uniquely formulated vinyl that withstands the harsh effects of weather, UV light and Southern exposure.
  • Color Retention—Pharmaceutical-grade compounding and blending systems that provide consistency for superior color and weatherability.
  • Designed to Perform—Industry partnerships and on-going research into new technologies that ensure the vinyl compound exceeds industry standards, outperforms the competition, and works together to offer best-in-class technology.
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty—Our wood-clad vinyl windows are warranted against chipping, cracking, peeling, pitting, or blistering, for as long as you own and live in the home in which the product was originally installed. This warranty is transferable to one subsequent purchaser. 

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Options for high-quality, energy-efficient windows

Isolated image of an Aeris™ double hung window with prairie-style grids, example of both wood and vinyl window materials; image in ProVia's best window brands comparison

Aeris™ Windows

Superior vinyl window exterior construction paired with a beautiful wood-clad interior.

Isolated image of one of ProVia's Endure™ double hung top rated vinyl windows with grids on the top pane; image in ProVia's best window brands comparison

Endure™ Windows

Stunning energy efficiency and the most options for colors, glass and more.

Isolated image of one of ProVia's Aspect™ double hung top rated vinyl windows with grids on the top pane; image in ProVia's best window brands comparison

Aspect™ Windows

Excellent mid-range window with high energy efficiency & sturdy construction.

Isolated image of a white ecoLite™ double hung vinyl window with grids on the top pane; image in ProVia's best window brands comparison

ecoLite™ Windows

The best option for homeowners seeking a white, all-vinyl, economy-class window.

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