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Hopper windows are typically installed in rooms located on the back or side of a house, so this configuration works with any style of home to provide needed light and ventilation. Learn about various architectural styles.

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Our hopper windows, available only in white, are included in three of our window series. Browse our window brands to learn what distinguishes them.
Grayscale line art illustration of a hopper window

HOPPER Windows

Stunning energy efficiency and performance. 

Grayscale line art illustration of a hopper window

HOPPER Windows

Excellent mid-range window offering high energy efficiency and sturdy construction.
Grayscale line art illustration of a hopper window

HOPPER Windows

The best option for homeowners seeking a white, all-vinyl, economy-class window.

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ProVia offers the most popular window styles you see in American homes, plus some that cater to very specific needs. We specialize in offering custom windows that meet exactly the design details, sizes, quality and budget you need. Learn more about our other window styles.

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