Elevate Your Home’s Exterior Design with Decorative Glass for Front Doors and Windows

May 23, 2023

Decorative glass lends an air of elegance and gentility to entry doors, hinged patio and French doors, and windows. The antique look and charming character of a decorative glass entry door and decorative glass for windows really elevates the curb appeal of a home.

The ornamental flourishes, patterns, textures, and colors of a beautiful decorative glass window design create a work of art that enhances the interior design of a home, while also affording a level of privacy.

The beauty of decorative glass for front doors is in its random imperfections that call to mind the hand-crafted cut glass of times gone by. Textural waves, striations, random air bubbles and other natural effects make each piece of decorative glass unique. Floral, abstract, and traditional designs complement the aesthetics of a variety of home styles, including Victorian, Colonial, Modern and Craftsman.

Handcrafted Artistry

Creating beautiful decorative glass designs is a multi-step process. Skilled craftsmen painstakingly hand-cut the glass, mitering and soldering each piece into various shapes. For more ornate styles, the glass is cut by a high-pressure water jet, precisely carving the intricate designs and facets. Beveling is performed by hand on smaller pieces of glass, to protect the delicate details; larger pieces are placed in a beveling machine, to gently grind and polish a soft, sloped edge.

The decorative pattern is printed onto a template, and caming (the grooved metal bars that outline the design and hold the glass in place) is matched to the pattern on the template. The glass pieces and caming are soldered together at the joints. Flux is carefully applied to the surfaces, and both sides are soldered to ensure durability.

The final step of the decorative process is the brush-application of patina on the caming and glass, imparting an antique and ornamental finish. The panel is then inserted between two panes of clear glass to create an insulated glass unit. Watch the process here.

Brookhaven decorative front door glass or glass for decorative windows

Video Series Brings Decorative Glass to Life

ProVia offers several stunning decorative glass patterns, each with exquisite detailing and graceful ornamentation. Choosing the style that best suits your home’s design scheme and your personal aesthetic can be difficult when there are so many options – not to mention understanding how light and movement affect the presentation of the glass.
To aid with the selection process, ProVia developed short videos that showcase the features of each style. Close-up shots detail the differences between hammered, faceted, beveled, micro granite, seedy, glue chip, and arctic glass elements. The glass is shown in real-life applications, in natural light and with household lighting in use, and with movement in the background, so you can experience each design as if it were on your own entry door.

View the entire library of Decorative Glass Videos and see which pattern best suits your style.

Ashley Ridenour

Ashley Ridenour

Marketing Manager - Doors & Windows


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