Key Features

Professional-class metal roofing

  • Designed and constructed for serious weather resistance – withstands wind speeds of up to 180 mph and certified for installation in hurricane zones, including the Miami-Dade region
  • Independently tested and proven to meet or exceed stringent ASTM and UL industry standards for hail, wind, rain, corrosion and tensile strength
  • Variegated texture made of up tens of thousands of surface impressions provides unrivaled authentic appearance of each metal shake panel
  • Exceptional dirt, mildew and stain protection, with virtually no material degradation – unlike asphalt or stone roofing
  • More environmentally friendly than asphalt shingles, manufactured with U.S. recycled steel and is completely recyclable   

metal shake Roofing Colors

Long-term beauty

Our metal shake roofing colors draw on the beauty of nature, with four popular colors in shades of gray and brown and coordinating trim offering a palette sure to accentuate the exterior of any home.

metal roofing trim accents

The finishing touch

Architectural design and personal style are key factors that influence the ultimate curb appeal of your metal shake roof. Choose from coordinating solid or decorative trim colors to achieve the desired level of contrast and a resulting finish that fits your style.

metal roofing Technology

Weather resistant and environmentally friendly

The engineering that went into making ProVia metal shake roofs superior performers in weather resistance also resulted in a product that is better for the environment than asphalt shingles. Learn more about our metal roofing technology.

Shake Metal Roofing Gallery

Need some inspiration to help plan your metal roofing project? Browse our gallery to see how other homeowners have used ProVia shake metal roofing.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The ultimate peace of mind

ProVia stands by the quality of its metal roofs by providing a 50-year transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty that passes onto one subsequent owner of the home.


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If you need some inspiration to help plan your metal roofing project, browse our complete gallery to see how other homeowners have used ProVia metal roofing.

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