Colonial front door and window styles

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American Colonial-style homes originally were built from the 1600s to mid-1700s and were most popular in New England and the South. One of the most recognizable characteristics of Colonial-style houses is symmetrical architecture. Colonial front door and window styles play a role in creating this balance, since the door is typically located in the center of the home, with windows evenly flanking each side. 

Originating in England, the Colonial architectural style fell out of fashion during the American Revolution, but the simplicity of this design re-emerged starting in 1880 through 1945 as the industrial revolution provided Americans with new, more easily attained materials and technologies to build larger homes. 

While the British Colonial style provided the earliest design influences, other cultures contributed to the evolution of this home style, resulting in a number of variations, including Dutch Colonial, French Colonial, Spanish Colonial, Cape Cod and Georgian. Many homes built today feature elements that originated with this style.  

Attributes of colonial-style houses

  • Two- or three-story, salt-box style homes
  • Symmetrical architecture
  • Double hung windows with grids
  • Steep, side-gabled roofs
  • Decorative window shutters
  • Entry door in the center of the of the home, with a window above

Popular Colonial front Door styles

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Browse these popular exterior door style selections that pair well with Colonial-style houses.

Popular colonial window styles

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ProVia offers these recommendations for Colonial window styles.

Popular finish options for colonial FRONT DOORS & WINDOWS

Explore color

Muted, neutral colors of vinyl siding and windows, oftentimes with stone or brick accents, are common color schemes for Colonial style houses, which makes a rich, contrasting color for the front door something to consider to draw attention to your entryway. Consider these colors for your Colonial exterior doors and windows.

Popular Glass options for colonial front doors & windows

Add a personal design touch

Colonial windows and doors can be embellished with glass options that increase your home’s curb appeal. ProVia’s design team has selected several popular glass options that complement Colonial-style homes.

colonial gallery

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We’ve compiled a gallery to make it easy for you to find examples of Provia doors, windows, siding, stone, and roofing featured on other Colonials.

Explore popular exterior house styles

Architecture at a glance​


Cape Cod

  • 1 or 1 ½ story with dormer windows and a steep roofline
  • Clapboard siding
  • Practical and uncomplicated in design


  • Two story, salt-box style home
  • Symmetrical architecture
  • Double hung windows with grids
  • Steep, side-gabled roofs


  • Occasional wide, overhanging eaves
  • A covered front porch
  • Pillars lining the entry
  • Double hung windows


  • Primarily white, with contrasting shutters or window & door trim
  • Simple, practical architecture
  • Large, covered porch and metal roof


  • Clean lines and geometric shapes
  • Natural materials like wood, stone and exposed concrete
  • Flat or low-pitched gable or shed roof


  • Arched entryways or windows
  • Barrel tile roofs
  • Light-colored stucco walls
  • Woodgrain doors, typically in rich colors


  • Mix of half timbers, stucco, stone or brick with decorative entryways
  • Steep slate roof with dormers & gables
  • Tall, narrow, multi-paned windows


  • Asymmetrical design
  • Large wrap-around porches
  • Ornate decorative trim
  • Towers, turrets and dormers

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