METAL Roofing

Lifetime durability. endless beauty.

Metal roofing, ProVia’s latest product innovation, provides an all-new way to:

RETHINK the worn and forgotten roof

REFRESH your home’s curb appeal

REROOF with finishes and materials designed to last

Our metal roofing combines the luxury and beauty of slate or cedar shake shingles with the durability and longevity of a carefully engineered metal roof system, providing the last roof you’ll ever put on your home.

With your roof covering 60% of your house exterior, you’ll appreciate the value of a highly aesthetic metal roof that improves your home’s curb appeal, provides 50+ years of protection, requires little to no maintenance, and generates energy-cost savings. And, our residential metal shake and slate roofs are made right here in the U.S.A., with domestically sourced steel, a portion of which is high quality recycled steel.

Styles of metal roofs

A twist on tradition

ProVia’s two distinctive residential styles of metal roofs—Shake and Slate—preserve the unique characteristics of classic roofing materials to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Every intricate detail of these metal shake and slate panels was carefully selected and cast from time-honored elements into one-of-a-kind profiles featuring authentic, nature-inspired finishes.

Metal Roofing Technology

A once-in-a-lifetime purchase

ProVia’s residential metal shake and slate roofing are designed to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions and out-perform other asphalt and steel roofing systems.

Science of Metal Roofing

From the material used to the design of the steel panels and finishes, ProVia metal roofing is designed to provide superior protection and exceptional curb appeal compared to asphalt shingles.

The Importance of Attic Ventilation

A roof that provides proper attic ventilation during the winter and summer is key to providing comfort and long-term protection for the inside of your house.

6 Benefits of Metal Roofing

Read about the 6 distinct benefits of metal roofing and why you should consider replacing your roof with residential metal roofing from ProVia.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The ultimate peace of mind

ProVia stands by the quality of its metal roofs by providing a 50-year transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty that passes onto one subsequent owner of the home.

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