Ridge Cut™ Manufactured Stone Veneer

Deep and contoured

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the landscape and infused with craggy contours for a distinct profile, Ridge Cut manufactured stone is a ProVia exclusive. Square, rectangular, and asymmetrical slabs of various sizes reside together as in nature, with deep cuts, rough surfaces and varied proportions reminiscent of mountain ranges.

Ridge Cut colors

Cool and dusky

Smoky gray with shades of plum and buff fill this manufactured stone profile with the aura of cool, dramatic winter skies.

Ridge Cut™ Castle Rock
Ridge Cut™ Denali
Ridge Cut™ Silverton
Ridge Cut™ Yosemite

Enhanced Color

Premium Enhanced Color

Grout colors

Choose your desired effect

The color of grout you pair with your manufactured stone can make a significant impact on the overall look of your stone veneer. Selecting a complementary grout color can soften the contrast of your manufactured stone application, while choosing a contrasting grout color can create a more dramatic effect. We’ve covered this topic in greater detail in our blog article: How to Choose Grout Color for Your Manufactured Stone. 

Our Stone and Grout Color Visualizer lets you pair grout color options with different stone profiles and colors so you can visualize different combinations for your home. 

Ideal Applications for stone

Elevate your home’s design

ProVia’s Ridge Cut manufactured stone veneer creates dramatic exterior walls, boundaries and accents. Learn more about the most popular uses for stone.

ProVia's Stone technology

What makes our manufactured stone the right investment for your home

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Assuring our products' quality

ProVia’s stone veneer carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty from the date of purchase and is warranted against chipping, flaking, unsightly discoloration, or any other serious deterioration as a result of defects in material or manufacturing.

The quality of ProVia’s manufactured stone is evident from our Lifetime Limited Warranty and the products’ certification by the National Concrete Masonry Association. ProVia was one of the first stone manufacturers to receive the NCMA Certified MSV Product designation. ProVia manufactured stone is compliant with Uniform Evaluation Services within The IAPMO Group for conformity and workmanship in precast manufactured stone.


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