Metal barrel tile Roof

Distinct old-world charm

With origins dating to the Neolithic period in China and the Middle East, clay tile roofing was introduced to the east coast of the United States in the 1600s as distinct types of clay roofing tile were brought by Dutch, English, French, and Spanish settlers. 

Manufactured clay tiles were imported from the Old World until the first clay tile manufacturing facilities were erected in 1650. Clay tile, also referred to as barrel tile and Spanish tile, remains a popular choice in the West, Southwest, and warm coastal regions like Florida

ProVia’s metal barrel tile roof system combines the history, beauty, and distinct character of clay tiles with the unparalleled durability of metal roofing. With 26-gauge galvanized steel up to 30% thicker than comparable metal roofing products, ProVia barrel tile roofing protects your home from hail, strong wind, and heavy rain. The exclusive GalvaTec™ coating is resistant to fading, chalking, and corrosion. The system has an expected product lifespan of 50+ years and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty with unlimited transfers.

metal barrel tile roof Features

The look of clay. The performance of steel.

  • Designed for serious weather resistance with a Class 4 hail rating, 130 mph wind rating, and excellent snow and ice rating
  • Significantly lighter weight than clay tiles, eliminating the need for additional structural support as is common with clay tiles
  • Hardened, resin-based finish system protects against dirt, mildew and algae stains, with virtually no material degradation
  • Kynar™ 500 ceramic pigmented finish provides a low-sheen, matte appearance
  • Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology® reflects more than 70% of solar heat, drastically reducing your home’s energy costs
  • G90 Steel Core and zinc phosphate anti-corrosive coating applied to both sides of the panel for added weather protection

metal barrel tile roof COLORS

Earthy hues with built-in color retention

Capturing the essence and character of earth-inspired clay tile roofs, ProVia’s metal barrel tile roofing is available in four distinct colors, from classic, warm Terracotta to cool, distinguished Jade.

metal barrel tile roof trim accents

The finishing touch

Architectural design and personal style are key factors that influence the ultimate curb appeal of your metal barrel tile roof. Choose from coordinating solid or decorative trim colors to achieve the desired level of contrast and a resulting finish that fits your style.

metal roofing Technology

Weather resistant and environmentally friendly

Metal roofing systems provide many benefits over other roofing materials. Learn more about what makes ProVia’s metal roofing exceptionally durable, weather resistant, and beautiful, and why it is an excellent option for your home. 

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The ultimate peace of mind

ProVia stands by the quality of its metal roofs by providing a 50-year transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty.


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Options for every home

ProVia’s distinctive residential metal roofing styles preserve the unique characteristics of classic roofing materials to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Every intricate detail of these metal shake, slate, and barrel tile panels was carefully selected and cast from time-honored elements into one-of-a-kind profiles featuring authentic, nature-inspired finishes.

Saddlewood brown shake metal roofing; inspirational brown color image in ProVia's house color schemes

Shake Metal Roofing

A fresh take on classic cedar shake shingles

Closeup image showing the details of ProVia's Baystone gray colored metal slate roof 

Slate Metal Roofing

Modern twist on rustic slate shingles

Detailed profile view of ProVia's metal barrel tile roof in TerraCotta

Barrel Tile Metal Roofing

Distinct old-world charm

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