The science of metal roofing

From the steel chosen to the panel system design to the specialty finish, ProVia metal roofing addresses and solves every problem that homeowners have with other roofing materials. Learn what makes our metal roofing special.

The importance of attic ventilation

A properly vented roof helps improve energy costs all year round. In the winter, it allows the roof to remain cold, which prevents snow from melting and contributing to ice dams. And, in the summer, venting allows hot air to escape, keeping the overall house cooler. Learn how ProVia metal roofs are engineered for maximum ventilation.

The benefits of metal roofing

There are 6 big reasons why you should consider replacing your roof with metal residential roofing from ProVia.

Metal roofing types

Options for every home

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The ultimate peace of mind

ProVia stands by the quality of its metal roofs by providing a 50-year transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Metal Roofing Gallery

Need some inspiration to help plan your metal roofing project? Browse our gallery to see how other homeowners have used ProVia metal roofing.

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