It starts with a model and a mold


The stone veneer manufacturing process—combining shale aggregates with Portland cement and oxides for color, poured into molds to replicate natural quarried stones—requires meticulous execution that sets ProVia apart from other stone veneer manufacturers.

The process of designing our stone profiles starts with trained stone masons—not computer modeling or CAD imaging—who skillfully select or carve stones that offer a profile and color palette that we believe will enhance and beautify interior and exterior home spaces. Not only do the hand-quarried stones provide inspiration for our manufactured stone veneer, they are actually used to create the casts that are used to build the molds. Our stone masons’ careful attention to the contours and varying hues of natural stone is what provides our manufactured stone veneer the depth and character of natural stone.

ProVia manufactured stone veneer looks and feels like the real thing because we handcraft each mold to capture the depth and character of the selected natural stones.

Providing consistency and strength


ProVia uses nothing but the finest materials in our manufactured veneer stone, including superior shale aggregates, Portland cement and oxides to create a concrete-like mixture that will endure the rigors of extreme weather while imparting the beauty of natural stone. Instead of using cheap fillers, we employ the best quality aggregates and oxides to provide an authenticity that is unmatched in our industry. Each mixture of base material is designed and quality controlled for batch-to-batch consistency.

Our leading-edge processes and equipment ensure that every step in the stone veneer manufacturing process is optimized for aesthetics and consistency. A relentless pursuit of quality and excellence in products and services distinguishes ProVia from other stone manufacturers and helps us deliver real value to every customer, every day.

Isolated image of a stone cut in half

Providing consistency and strength


Deep shadow lines combined with authentic coloring produce dramatic effects in all our manufactured stone veneer profiles. Our stone veneer manufacturing process is capable of reproducing undercuts and subtle textures that result in a near-perfect replicate. To achieve this, we select natural stones from unique geographic regions for every master mold and use only raw pigments and oxides for rich color. Each ProVia manufactured stone – every profile, every palette – is colored by hand during production, ensuring that no two stones look exactly alike. The process is labor-intensive, but the results are worth it: natural-looking stone veneer with hues that last for years.

Our Enhanced coloring process combines artisan crafting with the state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that involve special molds and multiple stages of hand-layering rich pigments. Our Premium Enhanced coloring system further enhances the appearance of the manufactured stone veneer with the addition of hand-selecting individual stones to receive specialized color, creating a unique look you won’t find elsewhere.

Manufactured Stone Color Pigments in a container and on a wooden surface

Saving time and cost


One of the many advantages to using ProVia’s artfully crafted manufactured stone veneer vs. natural stone is that contractors can install it much quicker, which saves you exorbitant labor costs. Natural stone (and brick) installations are limited in the quantity of stone laid each day due to a need for it to “set-up.” Installed too quickly before setting, the stability of natural stone is compromised.

ProVia’s manufactured stone veneer can be installed more quickly than natural stone or brick, in part because the stones are manufactured with flat backs for easier installation.

Closeup of a stone mason installing ProVia manufactured stone on a home

Committed to sustainability


ProVia is committed to exercising corporate environmental stewardship because it aligns with our Core Values of Integrity, Continuous Improvement and Sustainability. Every day, we strive to do our part to protect our natural resources by recycling, reusing materials where appropriate, and reducing pollution emissions.

Our stone veneer manufacturing processes reflect these efforts. In 2021, we completed installation of a 1.792 MW solar array, comprised of 4,480 solar panels, at our stone manufacturing facility. It is expected to reduce electrical power consumption by 60% and to prevent emission of 1,472 tons of CO2 annually. In addition to the solar array, our stone manufacturing plant employs two 9,000-gallon rainwater holding tanks and uses recycled water on the production line.

Solar array on the roof of ProVia's Cherry Ridge stone manufacturing facility

Certified and warrantied


Black and white logo of NCMA MSV Certification for Manufactured Stone

The quality of ProVia’s manufactured veneer stone is evident from the certification of our manufactured stone veneer by the National Concrete Masonry Association. ProVia was one of the first stone manufacturers to receive the CMHA Certified MSV Product designation.

Additional assurance comes in the way of ProVia ‘s Lifetime Limited Warranty, which warrants our manufactured stone against chipping, flaking, unsightly discoloration, or any other serious deterioration result of defects in material or manufacturing.

Woman on a balcony looking at the ProVia Visualizer in the Design Center at


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The quality of ProVia’s manufactured stone is evident from our Lifetime Limited Warranty and the products’ certification by the National Concrete Masonry Association. ProVia was one of the first stone manufacturers to receive the CMHA Certified MSV Product designation. ProVia manufactured stone is compliant with Uniform Evaluation Services within The IAPMO Group for conformity and workmanship in precast manufactured stone.

NCMA-MSV Certification Logo for Manufactured Stone Veneer
Closeup of a stone mason installing ProVia manufactured stone on a home

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ProVia’s stone veneer carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty from the date of purchase and is warranted against chipping, flaking, unsightly discoloration, or any other serious deterioration as a result of defects in material or manufacturing.

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