ProVia has developed a competitive position by catering to a niche within the home replacement window market that demands a high degree of customization coupled with outstanding quality. Our custom windows are built to be the best in the market. We define the custom windows that meet this demand as "professional-class."



Custom Windows

  • Endure - best custom vinyl windows
    Stunning Energy Efficiency
  • Aeris - wood-vinyl custom windows
    The Beauty of Wood Inside
  • ecoLite - budget-friendly, high-quality vinyl windows
    Economy Redefined
  • Aspect - energy-efficient vinyl windows
    ENERGY SAVINGS, Simplified
  • aluminum storm windows
    Weather the Storm
    Aluminum Storm Windows

ProVia's Endure, Aeris, ecoLite and Aspect custom home replacement window lines provide the best in beauty and durability while also delivering high energy efficiency. Our aluminum storm windows are designed to provide the best energy efficiency, weather protection and noise reduction.


Make Yourself Comfortable: With a ProVia Custom Window

ProVia offers its energy-efficient, custom home replacement windows in a number of popular window styles, including double hung, casement, awning, slider, bay, bow, picture and garden windows. Our aluminum storm windows are available as double hung, slider windows and picture windows.

Energy Star Tax Credits for new windows

Pleasant Comfort

Energy-efficient home replacement windows will use less energy to stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and provide more comfort all year round.

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Energy Star Tax Credits for new windows

Stop Wasteful Drafts

When you feel air moving through your windows you know you’re not only wasting energy, you are losing hard-earned money.

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Energy Star Tax Credits for energy-efficient windows

More Than a Door Company

ProVia's custom home replacement window program is a product of good old American ingenuity and know-how, with over 30 years of real-world R&D.

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