A wide variety of profiles, colors and grout ensures a unique fireplace that fits right in with your interior design style


Manufactured stone isn’t just for home exteriors anymore.

Homeowners are taking advantage of the natural beauty and flexibility of manufactured stone veneer to create stunning interior design focal points, and fireplaces are a logical starting point for their creativity.

Manufactured stone gives homeowners an unending number of possibilities when it comes fireplace design. For starters, there’s ProVia’s nine profiles and 10 color palettes, which offer an unparalleled range of choices.

Unending Variations 

But homeowners aren’t relegated to just one profile type or color palette – mixing and matching two color palettes within the same profile or even mixing two or more profiles – say Fieldstone and Ledgestone – opens up even greater possibilities, because there are no restrictions when it comes to the fireplace of your dreams.

ProVia’s wide range of options means there’s a stone veneer profile and color palette to match any décor or housing style.

Variations in grouting colors and techniques add even more chances for customization. Or, for a no grout, stack stone fireplace, select a profile like ProVia's Dry Stack.

Fireplaces offer some unique opportunities for incorporating manufactured stone, since stone can be used from the base to the ceiling (potentially incorporating one profile or color palette below the mantelpiece and another above) or simply from the base to the mantel. The second option allows for the possibility of coming back at a later date to finish the fireplace with stone up to the ceiling.

Manufactured Stone Accessories to Meet Your Needs

ProVia also offers a full range of accessories, including:

  • Hearth stones
  • Mantels
  • Mantel brackets
  • Column caps
  • Trim stone
  • Keystones

Combined with the right lighting, these endless choices ensure dramatic effects and added ambience, all adding up to a stone veneer fireplace that matches the homeowner’s unique style.

Even more possibilities open up when you consider that fireplaces are no longer stuck in the den or family room. Fireplaces are now found anywhere in the house, including:

  • Studies
  • Libraries
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Offices

In fact, bringing stone veneer into the home is only limited by the homeowner’s imagination.

Best of all, manufactured stone isn’t just beautiful; it’s also a good investment. Remodeling magazine’s most recent cost vs. value report ranked manufactured stone No. 2 for cost recouped for mid-range projects, coming in at 97.1%. 

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