Manufactured Stone Veneer: The ProVia Way

March 18, 2022
ProVia manufactured stone veneer meets customers' needs for quality, durability, value and beauty
When it comes to manufactured stone veneer, ProVia starts with the very basics: finding stones and rocks in nature that offer a profile and color palette that we believe will resonate with our customers. Then we take those authentic stones back to our facility and make casts of them, which are used to create the molds for our manufactured stone. Because we base them on real stones, our products offer the natural shadow lines and depth that are impossible to produce with purely invented designs.

High-quality materials yield high-quality stone veneer

We then use a blend of high-quality aggregates, Portland cement and oxides to create a concrete-like mixture that will match the character and feel of the original stones. Instead of using more sand or cheap fillers, we employ the best quality aggregates and oxides to provide an authenticity that is unmatched in our industry.

Our various stone styles and colors offer an unparalleled range of choices, giving each homeowner a look and feel unique to their home.

Building Blocks for an Array of Beautiful Applications

Another differentiation that defines ProVia’s manufactured stone veneer is the highly detailed, natural profile created by our molds, compared to shallow molds that offer little depth or character. Our attention to detail comes through in every facet of our manufactured stone lines, including the wide array of accessories available, including:

  • Blocks and sills
  • Hearthstones
  • Wall and column caps
  • Utility trim accents
  • Window and door trim accents
  • Keystones
Our sturdy stone veneer boxes offer industry-leading defense against shipping damage
Even our packaging sets ProVia manufactured stone apart​. Our sturdy boxes offer industry-leading defense against shipping damage.

Finally, ProVia is leading the way in quality adherence, having completed the NCMA’s Manufactured Stone Veneer Product Certification Program, which certifies ProVia’s products as achieving a new benchmark in the industry for physical properties, shear bond strength, freeze-thaw durability and linear drying shrinkage.

As with all our exterior building products, we take no shortcuts with our manufactured stone veneer, caring for details in ways that others won’t.

View our Design Center for inspiration for your stone veneer project or to use our exterior home design visualizers.

Kurt Mohn

Kurt Mohn

Product Manager - Stone/Roofing


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