Less time on maintenance, more time for life

Beautiful, durable and low maintenance, ProVia vinyl siding is manufactured with today’s busy lifestyles in mind to help you spend more time enjoying life at your home, and less time maintaining your home.

Our super polymer vinyl siding is formulated to resist fading, cracking and thermal expansion and contraction.

Other PROVIA vinyl siding benefits include:

  • Beautiful, realistic grain patterns reminiscent of natural materials
  • No time-consuming painting, staining or caulking
  • Ease of installation, which means less interruptions to your schedule
  • Design versatility–pairs well with other materials such as stone, brick or shakes
  • Peace of mind with a Lifetime Limited Warranty


Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology

Heat-resistant inorganic pigments ensure exacting deep colors, reflect heat from exterior walls, and deflect solar rays to reduce solar heat build-up and unsightly weathering.

Weather Barrier

A concentration of precisely formulated anti-weathering materials on the siding's surface help ensure long-lasting color fidelity and low-maintenance freedom for your home’s exterior.

UV Protection

Much like sunscreen helps block the sun's harmful rays from your skin, this layer of protection helps shield your siding from the destructive effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Color Keeper Anti-Fade Protection

Super polymer vinyl siding is meticulously engineered with the finest mix of ingredients that build a stronger molecular chain for superior color retention.

Compare vinyl Siding Brands

Designed to withstand what life throws at it


  • Cedar woodgrain
  • 4 profile options
  • .046″ & .050” vinyl thickness

Cedar Peaks®

  • Cedar woodgrain
  • 4 profile options
  • .046″ & .048” vinyl thickness


  • Oak woodgrain
  • 4 profile options
  • .044” vinyl thickness


  • Brushed woodgrain
  • 6 profile options
  • .042” vinyl thickness


  • Soft woodgrain
  • 3 profile options
  • .040″ vinyl thickness

Harbor mill™

Closeup of a Harbor Mill shake profile in the dark gray color Myst Gray
  • Cedar-style shake & shingle
  • 2 ultra-realistic profile options
  • Low-maintenance polypropylene

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The ultimate peace of mind

We guarantee our Super Polymer Vinyl Siding will resist fading, chalking, cracking, peeling, and thermal expansion and contraction—and we back it with our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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