Company Values

ProVia's mission is to serve, by caring for details in ways others won't 

A faith-based company, ProVia’s leaders and employees are dedicated to serving customers and each other by caring for details in ways others won’t. As the company moves forward, our people are unified under our common purpose: To let our light shine before others, so that they may see our good works and give glory to our Father who is in heaven. — Adapted from Matthew 5:16

Our team has always welcomed opportunities to prove that we meet the highest standards in quality, service, and customer satisfaction. We have never been satisfied to merely meet standards and expectations; rather we strive to exceed them, thus setting a higher standard for all. We desire this philosophy to be evident throughout our organization, and truly communicate our core beliefs of serving others and being Christ-like in our daily actions.

We are committed to doing what is right, because it’s the right thing to do, and integrity and honesty are keys to following that path. Early on, we determined that we were going to be a company built on trust by keeping our word and commitments; our driving force became “to give what we have agreed to, and more; but never less.”

our purpose, vision & mission

ProVia’s Purpose defines our reason for existence: To let our light shine before others, so that they may see our good works and give glory to our Father who is in heaven (adapted from Matthew 5:16). The Mullet family has built ProVia upon this timeless principle, and our values are instilled in our team members, along with a relentless discomfort with the status quo. This offers great assurance that the team which has built such a dynamic organization will successfully carry it into the future. Our goal is to continually enhance peoples’ lives through the work we do and the products we make.
Our Vision sets our aim for the ultimate future goal: To be the premier building products manufacturer, providing unmatched quality and service.
ProVia’s Mission describes how that goal will be reached: To serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t. We believe passionately in this Mission and seek employees and partners who share our Values to accomplish this great responsibility. Our top priority is serving and caring about others; we try to show that not only through the outstanding products, service and quality our customers have come to expect, but by caring for the smallest detail of our customers' needs. Because 'to serve' is an active statement, it represents our relentless pursuit of looking for ways to put our mission into action.

company Values

Our Values guide us in developing rewarding, long-term relationships with our co-workers, customers, and building products professionals. ProVia adheres to 19 Core Values that inspire, motivate, and guide our efforts in our work and in our interactions with others.

  • Integrity—We do the right thing because it is right.
  • Servant Leadership—We lead by serving with humility.
  • Quality—We are committed to consistently producing best-in-class products.
  • Employee—We create an engaging environment that fosters a fulfilling life experience.
  • Customer—We serve our customers with excellence by delivering beyond their expectations.
  • Honor—We respect the dignity and merit of each individual.
  • Teamwork—We leverage and celebrate the power of many.
  • Honesty—We are truthful and transparent.
  • Continuous Improvement—We have a relentless discomfort with the status quo.
  • Compassion—We invest in healing the hurts of others.
  • Generosity—We carefully manage our resources so we can give.
  • Knowledge—We have an intricate understanding of our business and markets.
  • Accountability—We owe it to one another to do our best and to say when we’re not.
  • Recover Together—We will all stumble . . . Getting back up is easier with a helping hand.
  • Future Focus—We define our destination . . . And create the path to get there.
  • Self-Aware—We are grounded and understand our capabilities.
  • Ambition—We accept big challenges and strive to make great things happen.
  • Ingenuity—We have the vision to see what could be and the creativity to make it happen.
  • Sustainability—We use good stewardship to ensure profits and lasting stability.

ProVia’s Core Values shape our company’s mission: to serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t. Our Values are the foundation of who we are; they provide guidance in how we conduct our business and how we treat our building professional and homeowner customers. Our Core Values lay the groundwork for serving customers with excellence. ProVia’s President and CEO Brian Miller explains how our Core Values fuel our success and play a role in shaping our culture as a company.

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At ProVia, every team member takes seriously the trust that professionals and homeowners place in them to deliver building products that excel in durability, energy efficiency, security, and unmatched beauty. Each person takes pride in their role – whether it’s crafting beautiful, premium-quality products, providing a satisfactory customer experience, engineering new technologies that streamline and enhance our processes, or educating customers with product information and installation techniques. We stand behind our workmanship and service, and back our products with the commitment of a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Premium Products

The name ProVia can be translated The Professional Way. The Professional Way means ProVia is held to a higher standard of integrity, accountability and quality. Our customers count on us to provide exceptional products and responsive service and support.

All our products—fiberglass and steel entry doors, vinyl and wood-clad vinyl patio doors and windows, vinyl siding, manufactured stone, and metal roofing systems—are manufactured with precision, diligence and care. We manufacture solid, dependable exterior home products that are weather-resistant, energy-efficient, durable and beautiful. We offer a great variety of styles, finishes and colors, plus a high level of customization. And we strive to work with the utmost skill and expediency, so that our meticulously crafted products are finished and delivered efficiently.