Board and Batten Siding Is an Affordable Way to Make a Splash

August 18, 2021
In a sea of sameness, board and batten is anything but ordinary

Exterior home remodeling projects are on the rise, and so is the popularity of board and batten. It’s one of the hottest siding products at ProVia and it’s easy to see why. The strong, clean lines of board and batten vertical siding are a beautiful complement to popular architectural styles including modern farmhouse, Craftsman and traditional styles.

And in a neighborhood full of homes clad in horizontal siding, vertical board and batten is an easy and affordable way for homeowners to create interest and flair that makes their home standout.

Social media & home improvement shows offer inspiration

HGTV and social websites like Houzz and Pinterest are fueling the demand for board and batten with a never-ending stream of ideas for how homeowners can use board and batten to create architectural interest for their homes. 

Add it to a gable, and the strong vertical lines of the batten draw the eye up, creating the illusion of increased height. Add it to a Craftsman-style porch or entrance way to create a bold focal point for the home. Use it for a whole-house siding application and transform a tired-looking home into a vibrant, modern farmhouse. Even adding board and batten to something as simple as small dormers on a traditional home can create a stunning accent that sets the home apart.

ProVia CedarMAX Board ‘n Batten in Sienna
ProVia CedarMAX Board ‘n Batten in Sienna is applied to the gable, adding an interesting accent that creates the illusion of increased height.

Batten creates strong lines that add interest

The term “batten” refers to the strip of molding that is added across the joint area between boards to conceal the joint and create a clean, vertical line. The strong vertical line gives a straight, stately appearance to any home while adding texture, contrast, dimensionality and shadowing.

When you see a home before it’s renovated with board and batten, and then you see it after the renovation—it really is one of the most dramatic changes you can make. It’s like having a new home look without the new home price. Or as my friend Jonathan Berry from ProVia is fond of saying, “It’s like having a new house at an old address.”

It’s like having a new house at an old address.

Jonathan Berry, Director of Siding Sales, ProVia

Color is key to creating dramatic effects

Bold contrasts and colors are popular in board and batten. While white is our most popular seller in board and batten due to the popularity of the modern farmhouse style, it rarely appears alone. Homeowners often choose dark trims and accents to create a contrast that is absolutely stunning.

Craftsman-style homes are frequently clad in dark siding colors to create bold statements. Next to white, our most popular colors are the darkest colors in our Signature Color lineup, including dark grays and blues. ProVia board and batten is available in over two dozen colors, depending on the board and batten product selected.

Nightfall Board and Batten
A popular trend in board and batten is the use of dark, bold colors to create a dramatic effect. Pictured: ProVia CedarMAX Board ‘n Batten in Nightfall.

Board and batten is a great investment

Board and batten is an affordable way to create a customized look that adds to the enjoyment of the home now, and the resale value of the home later. While homeowners can expect to pay a little more for board and batten, it’s an economical investment that holds its value.

ProVia brings professional class distinction to board and batten siding

It’s important for homeowners to know not all board and batten products are created equal. ProVia Board ‘n Batten Super Polymer Vertical Siding is engineered to provide superior strength, durability and beauty.

Standard Features Blend Traditional Style with High-Performance Characteristics
All of ProVia’s Board ‘n Batten vertical panels come standard with the following features:

  • Full 8″ panels that are wider than comparable products: 6¼” board face and 1¾” batten strip (Standard)
  • Super Polymer formulation resists fading, cracking and thermal expansion/contraction
  • Tri-Pigment Technology and Weather Barrier Shield
  • Tested and certified to meet or exceed ASTM standards & Certification from the Vinyl Siding Institute
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

CedarMax® Insulated

Board 'n batten siding

In addition to the standard features shown above, ProVia’s CedarMAX Board ‘n Batten offers:

  • Insulated panels that provide maximum energy savings and soundproofing
  • Greater impact resistance than regular siding
  • 1 ⅛” overall insulated siding system thickness
  • Able to withstand winds of 179 (mph, ASD)*
  • Standard Design Pressure Rating: 77.7 psf (ASD)*
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D7793
*Rating per VSI Wind Speed Calculation Guidelines

Cedar Peaks®

Board 'n batten siding

In addition to the standard features shown above, Cedar Peaks Board ‘n Batten offers:

  • High wind load performance—able to withstand winds of 144 (mph, ASD)*
  • Standard Design Pressure Rating: 50 psf (ASD)*
  • Deep profile for increased shadow lines
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D3679
*Rating per VSI Wind Speed Calculation Guidelines

Combine ProVia board ‘n batten vinyl siding with other ProVia professional-class exterior products to create a customized look that’s yours alone. ProVia’s extensive portfolio of professional-class products gives homeowners the ability to create a unique look for their home.

View our Design Center to get inspiration for your home siding project or to use our visualizer design tools to explore possibilities and create the exact look you want to achieve.

Jon Lapp

Jon Lapp

Product Manager - Siding


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