A small detail that can dramatically change the character of stone

Architectural Creativity Grout truly brings your stonework together. With traditional grouting methods, it is the grout that fills the voids between stones. Grout also plays an important part in the overall visual appearance of your finished stonework.

Selecting the type, size and color of the stone is only part of the customization process. You can select from several different grouting styles and colors of grout to further create the perfect look for your home.


The most common grout technique is a standard or raked joint. This is what you typically see with brickwork, for example. The grout is evenly applied around the edge of each stone or brick. When finished, the grout appears as a recessed even layer, filling the gaps between stones and bricks. This is a classic, traditional technique that provides timeless beauty.


For a more old-world look, choose overgrouting. This technique uses a much heavier grout seam. Depending on the look you want, the grout can be even with or even extend beyond the face of the stone, rather than being recessed like the standard grout technique. Grout may even partially cover the face of the stone. The overgrout technique is especially popular with larger, irregularly shaped stones.


Many homeowners now choose the dry stack style of stonework, which is actually groutless. Mortar is used behind the stone to secure it in place, but there is no grout visible between the stones. This gives the work a very natural, casual appearance. It appears as though the stones are simply stacked on top of one another. Due to freeze and thaw in northern regions, be sure to consult with your stone installer prior to any dry stack application.

All of ProVia's stone has a natural, ageless beauty. You can fine-tune that beauty by selecting the grouting technique that best matches your design goals. The ability to color or tint grout provides you with additional flexibility to create exactly the look you have in mind. Use ProVia's grout color visualizer to test color options.

Whether you want to project a classic, rustic or contemporary look, there is a grout technique available to fulfill your vision. Unlimited options give you the freedom to create your unique canvas in stone.

Osage Ledgestone No Grout
Limestone Raked Joint

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