Market Pulse (Part 1): Fiberglass Doors Coming on Strong

Brian Miller is President & CEO, ProVia

Since the beginning of 2017 we’ve observed several notable trends involving entry doors, replacement windows, manufactured stone, and vinyl siding. We find these to be excellent indicators of opportunities in the marketplace, so we’ll share these trends with you in a series of blog posts. Today, let’s begin with trends we’re seeing in the sales of entry doors.

Replace and Remodel Continues to Grow

I’d like to begin with a couple comments about the replace and remodel (R&R) market. This market has continued to grow at a nice manageable percentage over the past few decades, and I don’t see that changing over the next couple of years. Homeowners are still remodeling or adding on, and they’re staying in place in their homes. At the same time, the new home construction market has grown nicely over the past couple years as well. Builders have been concentrating on larger, more upscale homes, and that’s left the first-time buyer out of purchasing a new home. This improves the remodeling market because first-time buyers are buying existing homes and fixing them up.

Sales of Fiberglass Entry Doors Growing Faster

With regard to entry doors, fiberglass continues to grow at a faster pace than steel doors. This doesn’t mean that fiberglass has overtaken steel door sales – steel is still our largest sales category here at ProVia.

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A Program That Can Strengthen Any Company

Bruce Hamsher is Leadership Coach for ProVia

By Bruce Hamsher

There’s certainly no shortage of training going on here at ProVia. We have installer training, IT training, and skills training in a variety of disciplines, all very practical in their applications. So when we decided to roll out a different type of training program – aimed exclusively at cultivating leadership skills and character development – we weren’t sure what our employees would think. We announced our first leadership class with 10 available slots, and soon we had 39 applicants! Clearly we have many who are hungry to learn, grow, and develop in a leadership capacity.

ProVia Leads

The development of qualified leaders can sometimes be an afterthought, but we decided to prioritize this important topic. In 2015 we started “ProVia Leads”, our in-house leadership coaching program. We completed our first class last fall, and you can see the happy faces of our successful participants in the photo below. Our goal for this program is to be proactive and to “get people ready before there’s a role to fill.” Everything is centered around servant leadership, where we lead by serving with humility.

The ProVia Leads Class of 2015 (left to right): Kari Crilow, Nick Schwartz, Heather West, Jason Cunningham, Wanda Seilhamer, Doug Irvin, Joel Herman, Jon Miller, Kim Troyer

A Learning Laboratory

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