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Our Super Polymer formulation is at the heart of each of our horizontal and vertical cladding, making them the industry’s most quality manufactured vinyl siding products. Recognized with the #1 Recommended* CedarMAX and #1 Siding Best Buy* HeartTech, ProVia is proud to provide you with a better alternative to consumer-grade exterior cladding.



ProVia's Vinyl Siding Types

  • CedarMax vinyl siding
  • traditional vinyl siding
    Super Polymer Siding
    Vinyl Siding
  • decorative vinyl siding - shakes and scallops
    Shakes and Scallops
    Decorative Siding
  • vinyl soffit
    Hidden / Vented
    Vinyl Soffit
  • vinyl siding colors
    Durable Colors
    Siding Colors

ProVia offers three types of vinyl siding (insulated, traditional and decorative) and multiple siding styles, all exemplifying our commitment to elegance and endurance. Our home siding has the look and texture of wood but the durability and strength of vinyl. With multiple home siding styles available, along with many options for siding colors, homeowners can find the right one for your needs and decorative aesthetic.

All of our cladding is created with our Super Polymer Formulation, making it incredibly strong, and weather resistant materials, for color-fastness. With seven specific brands of vinyl siding from which you can select, budget and beauty go hand-in-hand.

ProVia is a U.S. manufacturer of vinyl siding, whose professional-class exterior home siding products are produced by employees who care for details in ways others won't. Learn the difference between ProVia's vinyl siding and other siding types.


Discover Why ProVia's Vinyl Siding is the Professional Choice

Vinyl Siding vs Fiber Cement

What's the Difference?

For homeowners contemplating replacement of their home siding or a new home construction, material choice is a critical decision that can impact how one feels about their house for years to come.

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How Vinyl Siding Works

Blanketing a Home's Studs

Most exterior walls have insulation in between the wall studs, but allow significant energy loss through the studs themselves, which are poor insulators.

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ProVia Designer Collections

For the Professional
in You

Professionally designed palettes for your home's exterior. Use these color suggestions to help you select harmonious color groupings for your home’s exterior.

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