A Modern Twist on Rustic Slate Shingles

Architectural-grade metal roofing has become a popular choice in exterior home design, and ProVia has upped the ante with metal slate panels that look like rustic slate shingles but offer the strength and durability of steel.

No Chips or Cracks – Just Enduring Performance

Using 26-gauge galvanized steel, ProVia has designed its metal roofing to be 10% thicker than other metal roofing products, while also weighing up to 3 times less than asphalt shingles.  Our exclusive GalvaTec™ finish system protects the slate panels from harsh weather conditions and prevents fading, chalking and the formation of unsightly algae and black streaks.

Good for Your Wallet and the Environment 

A specially-formulated deflective coating enables ProVia metal roofing to stay cool, resulting in energy savings compared to asphalt shingles.  Your investment in a metal roof not only will save you money, it will also help the environment. ProVia metal slate roof panels are constructed of recycled U.S.-sourced steel and the finished roofing material is entirely 100% recyclable.

metal slate roofing, rustic slate shingles


The Best Choice in Slate Roofing

With carefree maintenance and enduring beauty, our metal slate roofing is well-suited for high-end residential and commercial architecture. The professional-class construction of our roofing, backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty and expected lifespan of 50+ years, makes ProVia the best choice for your next and only roofing purchase in your lifetime. Not sure about slate? Check out our metal shake roofing.

Best Metal Slate Roofing, metal roof that looks like slate

Caring for Details in Ways Others Won’t

Like our other exterior home building products, ProVia distinguishes itself in the metal roofing market by adhering to a core set of values that includes a rigorous attention to detail in all facets of our business, including product design, manufacturing, sales and customer service. It’s that attention to detail – caring for details in ways others won't -- that our customers have come to appreciate and expect from the ProVia brand.