Market Pulse: Fiberglass Doors Coming on Strong

Since the beginning of 2017 we’ve observed several notable trends involving entry doors, replacement windows, manufactured stone, and vinyl siding. We find these to be excellent indicators of opportunities in the marketplace, so we’ll share these trends with you in a series of blog posts. Today, let’s begin with trends we’re seeing in the sales of entry doors.

Replace and Remodel Continues to Grow

I’d like to begin with a couple comments about the replace and remodel (R&R) market. This market has continued to grow at a nice manageable percentage over the past few decades, and I don’t see that changing over the next couple of years. Homeowners are still remodeling or adding on, and they’re staying in place in their homes. At the same time, the new home construction market has grown nicely over the past couple years as well. Builders have been concentrating on larger, more upscale homes, and that’s left the first-time buyer out of purchasing a new home. This improves the remodeling market because first-time buyers are buying existing homes and fixing them up.

ProVia’s Signet Fiberglass Entry Door Sales of Fiberglass Entry Doors Growing Faster

With regard to entry doors, fiberglass continues to grow at a faster pace than steel doors. This doesn’t mean that fiberglass has overtaken steel door sales – steel is still our largest sales category here at ProVia.

Steel Has Been Solid

Steel doors have long been the door of choice market-wide for many reasons. Homeowners have asked for steel because of its reputation, plus dealers have a good familiarity with steel product lines and a comfort level with selling them. So, steel is entrenched in terms of homeowner preference and has been the entry door of choice for many years.

Fiberglass Entry Doors are Becoming Stronger

But we’re seeing acceleration in the growth of fiberglass door sales. For one thing, fiberglass doors are becoming stronger, and ProVia is leading the way in developing technologies that make this possible. Our Embarq fiberglass entry door is a great example of this, as it has remained the most energy-efficient entry door system in the U.S. market since it was introduced in 2014.

Smooth Doors are Growing in Popularity

Signet remains our most popular seller in the fiberglass door category. This year we introduced our Signet Smooth Series and it’s selling very well because smooth doors are growing again in popularity. Market-wide, smooth doors are catching on because they provide a modern look that consumers desire.

These are some of the significant entry door trends we’re seeing so far in 2017, and if you're a dealer, perhaps you’re noticing them also. We’re interested to know, have you seen any other trends in the entry door category? Please comment below and add to our list.

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