ProVia Video Series Brings Decorative Glass Designs to Life

July 13, 2022

SUGARCREEK, Ohio, July 13, 2022 – ProVia introduces a new series of videos that highlight all the details of each of their decorative glass designs. The videos serve as a unique sales tool for dealers and contractors, to illustrate the beauty and functionality of each style and help homeowners confidently choose one that best suits their needs and taste.

Decorative glass front doors feature an ornamental upgrade that elevates the curb appeal of a home’s entryway. Intricate designs offer elegance and artistry to standard door glass and provide a level of privacy that gives homeowners peace of mind. But selecting the right style can be challenging—flat images in a brochure cannot entirely depict the beauty in each design and the way light, shadows and movement affect the appearance of the glass.

Videos Illustrate Decorative Glass Designs in Real-Life Applications

To make the selection process easier for homeowners, ProVia’s video team shot each decorative front door design from various positions, including outside looking in, and indoors looking out. The glass is shown in daylight and in the evening, with a variety of sweeping camera angles. Real-life settings and dramatic beauty shots of each style help illustrate the full installed effect of these glass upgrades on an entry door. Artistic features, including beveled, hammered, or seedy glass, assorted colors, and caming options are shown close-up, focusing on the details of each component.

Each video runs approximately 90 seconds, so customers get a full viewing of all the features. ProVia also created a reel that plays all twenty videos on a continuous loop, so dealers can display it in their showrooms.

Homeowners See How Light, Motion Affect Each Design

Ashley Ridenour, marketing manager for ProVia doors and windows, explains the inspiration for filming the series. “Dealers knew that decorative glass could be a great upgrade for their customers, but homeowners had trouble envisioning how the glass would look and function on an entry door. It’s one thing to look though a catalog and choose an attractive design. Seeing how the glass looks in real life by lighting it differently, walking past it, or looking through it to see how moving objects appear is a real game-changer; it allows customers to really feel confident about their purchase.”

Learn more about ProVia decorative door glass and watch the videos:

Note to Editors: ProVia will be happy to provide a representative video for your use; please email to indicate your interest.

Joe Klink, Executive Director of Corporate Engagement at ProVia

Joe Klink

Executive Director of Corporate Engagement

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