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March 8, 2022
3-Panel, 4-Panel Sliding Patio Doors Showcase Outdoor Living Space. Custom Options Enhance Use and Enjoyment
In 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic surged, investment in home improvement projects surged as well, growing 3% to nearly $420 billion. Homeowners upgraded and modified their homes to accommodate changes in work, schooling and recreation. Many homeowners chose to enhance their exterior living space with a new deck, patio, outdoor kitchen or expanded garden. A 3- or 4-panel sliding glass patio door can complete the transformation and add value to your outdoor investment by opening up your indoor living space. Your sliding patio door configuration is just one of many decisions you’ll make when replacing your patio door. Popular features like French patio doors or 3-panel or 4-panel sliding glass doors are possible because all ProVia doors are custom-built to our customers’ specifications. At the same time, buying a new, custom patio door offers the opportunity to address a variety of functionality and aesthetic issues that improve a family’s use and enjoyment from their patio door, such as energy efficiency, ease of use, configuration, size, materials and finish.

Sliding Patio Door Configuration and Size

Sliding patio doors are typically recognized as multi-panel doors consisting of 2 panels, 3 panels or 4 panels, with one door sliding. ProVia offers additional customization options for its 3-panel and 4-panel sliding glass doors, with either the right, left or center doors sliding. Buying a custom sliding glass door also means being able to choose the best size to fit an existing space or a redesigned entryway. All of ProVia’s sliding glass patio doors are available in standard sizes as well as custom widths and heights in 1/8″ increments.
Line art showing 2, 3, and 4-lite patio door configurations
Sliding patio door configurations

Materials & Finishes

You are probably most familiar with the traditional white vinyl sliding glass patio door. But, there are additional options for 3-panel and 4-panel sliding patio door materials and finishes that enable you to turn your sliding glass door into a design feature.

  • ProVia’s Aeris™ wood-clad sliding patio doors offer a crisp, low-maintenance vinyl exterior and luxurious pre-finished real wood interior in oak, cherry or maple. Aeris sliding glass patio doors are available in a wide selection of interior stains and exterior colors.

  • Endure™ vinyl sliding glass patio doors deliver the best energy efficiency and meet the most stringent industry standards for storm protection, ease of entry and forced entry. Endure vinyl sliding patio doors are offered in several exterior and interior colors as well as interior woodgrain finishes.

  • Aspect™ sliding glass patio doors provide more simplified options to include what matters most in a replacement patio door—greater thermal efficiency, durability against wind and air infiltration, smooth and quiet operation, and security from forced entry. Aspect sliding glass patio doors offer the most in cost efficiency with three standard colors—white, beige and sandstone.

Sliding Patio Door Glass Options

Add a beautiful stained glass look to your patio door by choosing an Art Glass design, which can be customized with your choice of fill and resin bead colors. ProVia’s Aeris and Endure sliding glass patio doors are  available with Art Glass.

Additional glass options for 3-panel and 4-panel sliding patio doors include:

Energy Efficiency

For anyone who’s experienced a cold draft as they walked past their patio door, energy efficiency also is a big consideration. ProVia’s Aeris, Endure, and Aspect 3-panel and 4-panel sliding patio doors come with highly energy-efficient ComforTech™ glass packages that improve the comfort of your home and qualify these doors as being ENERGY STAR® certified. Choose from several glass packages for maximum energy efficiency.

ProVia sliding glass patio doors are constructed with a “Super Spacer” that protects the Argon or Krypton gas insulating chambers and prevents condensation from ever accumulating between the glass panes.

If you’re one of the millions of homeowners who have upgraded their outdoor living space, adding a custom ProVia 3-panel or 4-panel sliding glass door can accentuate that outdoor investment while improving the overall functionality of your patio door.

Visit our Design Center for ideas and inspiration for your patio door or to use our design tools to configure your door. 

Ashley Ridenour

Ashley Ridenour

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