Woman reading a book outdoors by a manufactured stone veneer fireplace, example of how ProVia stone can be used for different outdoor and indoor applications

Manufactured Stone Veneer


Manufactured stone veneer adds elegance and charm to a home’s exterior and interior, calling to mind rustic country cottages and stately manors. ProVia manufactured stone is artfully crafted to replicate the rugged textures, shadow lines, and coloring of authentic quarried stone. Our process includes placing a mixture of high-quality aggregates, cement, iron oxides and pigment into handcrafted molds to replicate the look of real stone from unique geographic regions, reproducing undercuts, subtle textures, and natural hues.

ProVia manufactured stone veneer is unique, because each stone in every profile and palette starts with the expertise of a trained stone mason. Natural stones are selected and sculpted by true professional masons, and used to create a realistic, handcrafted master mold. Real quarried stone molding, not computer modeling or CAD imaging, results in a near-perfect replica with all of the depth, character, texture and nuance of authentic stone. Edges, corners, reliefs and faces are expertly chiseled by hand, ensuring that even the smallest detail is accurate.

ProVia stone is not a typical manufactured stone veneer or panelized product. Our molds are created by experienced stone masons who cut and chisel individual stones by hand, ensuring the molds produce the most authentic, natural looking stone on the market.
Each stone has a flat back for easier installation and fewer cuts on the jobsite.

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