6 Reasons to add Provia Metal Roofing to your business plan


It’s a Smarter, More Profitable Roofing Option

ProVia Metal Roofing is more profitable per square than asphalt roofing. It’s a premium stamped panel metal roof system that elevates your product offering, allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, and provides more profit per job. ProVia Metal Roofing upgrades the appearance of a home and boosts your bottom line as well.

With a residential roof covering 60% of the house exterior, your customers will appreciate the value of a metal roof that improves the home’s curb appeal, requires minimal maintenance, generates energy-cost savings, and can lower insurance premiums. ProVia metal roofing is covered for life with a non-prorated warranty that is transferrable, resulting in the last roof your customers will ever need.


It's a Growing Market with Growing Demand

Global market research reports* have projected significant continued growth in the metal roofing market for the next 5+ years. Value demand for metal roofing is expected to grow by $2.67 billion by 2026**.

And home improvement trends like lower maintenance and energy efficiency lend themselves to metal roofing in a way that creates more opportunity than ever for installers to convert homeowners to this fantastic option.

*Remodeling Magazine, February 2020, Freedonia Group; IRE Brand Use Study, July 2021; Technavio, November 2021.
**Technavio, November 2021.


It's a unique product that differentiates you from the competition

ProVia’s stamped metal panels feature a gorgeous, authentic-looking embossed surface and a range of variegated textures and colors. Homeowners love the natural aesthetic of the slate and shake shingle panels.

For roofing pros, ProVia offers many outstanding advantages—the proprietary 4-Point Locking System that provides edge-to-edge secure panel placement; the ribbed WaveLock™ feature that increases the rigidity of the panel; a recessed water stop that prevents moisture penetration; a Class-90 wind uplift certification; and a roofing panel with up to 30% more steel than the industry average for greater protection against surface damage.

ProVia has developed a competitive position by catering to a niche within the metal roofing market that demands a high degree of aesthetic performance, longevity and installation integrity.

ProVia also partners with dealers who want a premium product with long-term ROI. Our metal roof system is an excellent investment that elevates your product offering and profitability. That’s good for business!


You can confidently offer homeowners a lifetime of protection

… from rain, wind, hail, solar radiation, and more. Our 26-gauge steel panels and 4-Point Locking System provide high-level protection against damage from the elements.

ProVia Metal Roofing has been third-party tested for hail, wind, rain, corrosion and tensile strength, meeting or exceeding stringent ASTM and UL industry standards. And most importantly, it’s certified in Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zones, including Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, withstanding windspeeds up to 180 mph.

The ProVia Metal Roofing System is backed by a lifetime warranty that provides coverage to the original owner on material defects and finish integrity, and a non-prorated transferable warranty for 50 years.


We'll Even Teach You How to Install

Proper installation of a roofing system is key, and we have it down to a science. ProVia has made a significant investment to ensure installation quality with our hands-on Installer Training Program. Our professional trainers, with over 30 years’ experience, teach proprietary installation techniques that will save time and energy during the install.

We designed our system with the installer in mind. Our preformed roofing panels are ready to install right out of the box, and our industry-first, comprehensive trim and accessory package is custom-engineered for ease of use and minimal fabrication on the jobsite.

Another advantage of ProVia metal roofing—it’s 3x lighter than asphalt shingles. It’s heavy-duty, not heavyweight, so it’s easier to load, carry, handle and install our metal panels on the jobsite. Your back and shoulders will thank you!


Did We Mention it's a Smart Choice?

The ProVia Metal Roofing System goes to work for the homeowner immediately, saving money and reducing maintenance.

It’s ENERGY STAR® and Cool Roof compliant and can slash energy costs by up to 30%. The Galva-Tec™ finish provides superior color retention and 40-year fade and chalk protection.

It’s a responsible choice as well—it’s manufactured in the USA with recycled domestic steel, and because of its durability and strength, can reduce the homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Want to know more?

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