wood-clad windows

The beauty of wood and the durability of vinyl

If you’re looking for the beauty of wood windows with the durability and performance of vinyl windows, look no further than ProVia’s Aeris windows. You will appreciate the carefree nature of our Aeris wood-clad window design. With designer styling and a full range of popular options, Aeris windows are unsurpassed in innovative design, beauty and elegance.

Aeris wood-clad windows are uniquely engineered through a patented process that fully integrates real cherry, oak or maple wood interiors with maintenance-free vinyl exteriors. They were designed specifically for homeowners who want the best wood-interior replacement windows and who value the warmth and beauty of wood that can be stained or painted.

The insulated framing offers superior construction to wood replacement windows and provides you with the comfort of knowing you have one of the most enduring and energy-efficient home replacement window systems available.

Like ProVia’s other energy-efficient window lines, Aeris wood-clad windows have been independently tested to meet strict energy efficiency standards and are ENERGY STAR® certified. Aeris windows give you the comfort of maximum energy efficiency with stunning luxury, making them a preferred choice when replacing wood or vinyl windows.

Pre-Finished Real Oak, Cherry or Maple Wood Applied to Sash and Frame Interior

Aeris™ windows feature factory-finished real wood interior.

3¼" Frame Depth with Welded Frame and Sash Construction

1" ComforTech™ DLA-UV Insulated Glass Unit

Neopor® Insulation

ProVia® uses Neopor insulation in certain vinyl extrusion cavities for even greater performance.

Barrier-Fin and Bulb Seal Weatherstripping

Bulb seals are seamless closed-cell compression seals that prevent water from penetrating the foam cell structure.

Extruded Aluminum Full Screen with BetterVue® Fiberglass Mesh

BetterVue screen mesh is very durable and flame retardant, providing an enhanced view, increased insect protection and improved airflow.

Key Features

Aeris pairs aesthetic appeal with top performance

  • Low maintenance
  • Superior weatherability
  • Outstanding color retention
  • Outperforms the competition

Aeris window styles

Beautiful options for your whole house

Window COlors

The luxury of interior stained wood

You won’t want to put window treatments over your Aeris wood-clad windows. The beauty of real woodgrain window interiors is enhanced with an assortment of rich stain colors or popular paint colors. The window exteriors come with our standard white, beige, sandstone or classic bronze or a variety of paint colors.


Aeris wood-clad windows are available with several hardware options in painted or metallic finishes.

Double Hung and Slider

Casement and Awning

Glass Options

Stepping beyond clear glass

ProVia’s Aeris wood interior windows aren’t complete without glass customizations that further enhance the curb appeal.

Maximize your home's comfort

Learn about the window technology that drives our windows' energy efficiency

WIndow Screen Options

Improved clarity and maintenance

Images below are close-up shots of the different types of screen mesh. When viewed from further away, the mesh is not as noticeable

Woman's hands holding ProVia's Flex Screen


Barely visible and nearly indestructible

  • PVC coated spring steel framer with no attachment hardware needed
  • Simple to install
  • Solid core frame that won’t twist or break like traditional window screens
  • Resists denting and scratching
  • Allows more daylight to filter in while drastically improving the view through the glass
  • Available with BetterVue® or heavy duty fiberglass mesh

Fiberglass Mesh

Standard on all Aeris windows

  • Extruded aluminum frame with a BetterVue fiberglass mesh screen
  • Durable and flame retardant
  • Improved optical clarity; shields water, resists dirt and grime
  • Hydrophobic coating improves optical clarity, sheds water and resists dirt and grime
  • Easy removal for cleaning and maintenance

Stainless Steel Mesh

Stronger screen option

  • Pet-friendly
  • Extruded aluminum frame with stainless steel mesh
  • Black coated for improved visibility and ventilation
  • Stronger than standard insect screen 

Professional Window Trim

The perfect finishing touch

Your window trim shouldn’t be an afterthought, a detail your installer is required to cut to fit, paint or stain and then install. With ProVia’s MasterFit™ trim system, the hard work is done in our factory, where we can guarantee a precise, custom-fit and long-lasting factory applied finish.

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

The ultimate peace of mind

ProVia stands by the quality of its products by providing a transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty that passes onto one subsequent owner of the home.

Window Brands

Review additional options for high-quality, energy-efficient windows

Isolated image of an Aeris™ double hung window with prairie-style grids, example of both wood and vinyl window materials; image in ProVia's best window brands comparison

Aeris™ Windows

Superior vinyl window exterior construction paired with a beautiful wood-clad interior.

Isolated image of one of ProVia's Endure™ double hung top rated vinyl windows with grids on the top pane; image in ProVia's best window brands comparison

Endure™ Windows

Stunning energy efficiency and the most options for colors, glass and more.

Isolated image of one of ProVia's Aspect™ double hung top rated vinyl windows with grids on the top pane; image in ProVia's best window brands comparison

Aspect™ Windows

Excellent mid-range window with high energy efficiency & sturdy construction.

Isolated image of a white ecoLite™ double hung vinyl window with grids on the top pane; image in ProVia's best window brands comparison

ecoLite™ Windows

The best option for homeowners seeking a white, all-vinyl, economy-class window.

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