Barrel tile metal roofing in Terracotta on a Spanish-style home

Metal Roofing


As ProVia’s latest product innovation, metal roofing provides an all-new way to:

RETHINK – the worn and forgotten roof
REFRESH – your home’s curb appeal
REROOF – with finishes and materials designed to last


A once-in-a-lifetime purchase

Science of ProVia Roofing

From the material used to the design of the steel panels and finishes, ProVia metal roofing is designed to provide superior protection and exceptional curb appeal.

The Importance of Attic Ventilation

A roof that provides proper attic ventilation during the winter and summer is key to providing comfort and long-term protection for the inside of your house.

6 Benefits of a Metal Roof

Read about the six distinct benefits of a metal roof system and why you should consider replacing your roof with a shake, slate, or barrel tile metal roof from ProVia.