ProVia’s innovative door threshold system provides a self-adjusting seal to increase energy efficiency and protect against water infiltration.

SUGARCREEK, Ohio, January 15, 2021 – ProVia announces the release of a new video illustrating the Z-AC threshold system that uses self-adjusting technology to form a tight, lasting seal on exterior doors. The Z-AC threshold system is a standard feature on ProVia’s Signet®, Legacy™ and Embarq® exterior doors and optional on Heritage exterior doors. It was designed to maximize energy efficiency by utilizing multiple innovative features such as the auto-adjusting cap, composite sill reinforcement, sealing gaskets and gasket stiffeners.

The auto-adjusting cap, door sill, sealing gaskets and gasket stiffeners are engineered to work together to deliver long-term performance without manual adjustments. This innovative threshold enables ProVia’s premium entry doors to operate at peak performance for the long term, even during the worst wind-driven rain.

ProVia’s articulating composite threshold contains a piece that moves up and down via spring load mechanisms when the door is opened or closed. When the door closes, the piece pushes tightly against the sweep protecting against air and water leaks. When the door closes, the sealing gaskets and gasket stiffeners between the jam and threshold compress, forming an airtight and watertight system.

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