Willowbrook Advantages

Willowbrook Features
  • The long-lasting durability of .042" Willowbrook™ Super Polymer Siding means your home will keep its charm and value for years to come, with very little exterior maintenance required. Along with its delicate cedar woodgrain finish, Willowbrook is loaded with exceptional features and is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
    1. Half Rollover Nail Guard
      • Prevents nails from being nailed too tightly
      • Adds panel rigidity and durability while enhancing the wind resistance of the siding system
    2. Post-Formed Lock
      • Engineered to provide a positive locking system and increase wind resistance
      • Keeps the siding firmly in place on the wall
    3. Full 9/16" Panel Projection
      • Enhanced shadow lines
      • Added panel rigidity
    4. Drop Guard
      • Prevents the panel from dropping out of the lock during installation
      • Secures the patented Twister Lock and Cyclonic Locking System