HeartTech Advantages

HeartTech Siding

  • Manufactured with ProVia’s Super Polymer formulation
  • Features a double ply nailing hem
  • Provides high windload performance (230 mph) -- Windload testing is based upon ASTM 5206 testing and the results are reported per ASTM 3679 section 5.11.
  • Meets Florida Building Code FL#1712.6
  • Includes Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology to ensure color saturation, reduce scratches and reflect heat away from exterior walls
  • Developed with anti-weathering materials, including SPX-2000 UV Blocker
  • 5⁄8" butt height
  • Features a wood grain impression with a natural patina finish
  • .044" overall siding system thickness
  • Low maintenance, wash with mild soap and garden hose
  • Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty