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HeartTech Advantages

Cedar Peaks

Panel Thickness

  1. Double-Ply Nailing Hem

    • Double the tear resistance
    • More rigid connection to the exterior wall
    • Increased structural stability
    • Increased high wind performance
  2. Installer-Friendly Lock

    • Secured installation of panel
    • Increased high wind performance
  3. Full 5/8" Panel Projection

    • Enhanced shadow lines
    • Added panel rigidity


      Windload tested to 230 mph
  4. Tested and Certified

    • Meets or exceeds ASTM standards
    • Meets or exceeds VSI Product Certification
  5. Panel Leg

    • Secures and completes the installer-friendly lock
    • Prevents the panel from dropping out of the lock during installation

  1. Windload testing is based upon ASTM 5206 testing and the results are reported per ASTM 3679 section 5.11. Florida Building Code FL#1712.5