Cedarmax Advantages

  1. Double-Ply Windload Nailing Hem for increased tear resistance in high winds
  2. High-Tension Structural Return ensures a snug fit and less energy loss
  3. Nail Depth Guide for proper installation
  4. Patented Twister Lock for a structurally stronger connection to the exterior wall
  5. Rigid Foam integrated for 5 times greater impact resistance
  6. Deep profile for increased shadow lines
  7. Integrated Permeability lets your house "breathe"
  8. Drop Guard prevents panel from dropping too far down or even out of the lock – while being installed


1.125" Overall Insulated Siding System Thickness

Super Polymer Formulation uses premium materials for outstanding performance.

Cyclonic Locking System stands strong in high winds - windload tested to *227 mph!

Windload TestingWindload testing is based upon ASTM 5206 testing and the results are reported per
ASTM 3679 section 5.11.

Florida Building Code FL#1712.5

Signet Door Advantages

Cyclonic Wind Resistance

Maximum Impact Resistance

Unlike conventional hollow siding, CedarMAX Insulated Siding gives a solid foundation of support against rain, hail or your child’s fastball. The rigid foam offers 5 times greater impact resistance over hollow siding.

Maximum Impact Resistance