ProVia Studio Updates

ProVia Studio Ultimate Updates

2017 Update Directions:

  1. Open the software and the "ProVia Studio Ultimate Live Update box" will automatically appear with a required download.
  2. Click "Install now".
  3. Once download is complete, close ProVia Studio Ultimate.
  4. Re-open software, update will automatically finish saving.
  5. Download is complete, software is now ready for use.

Still have the ProVia Studio Ultimate 2011 version or earlier?

  1. Make sure ProVia Stuidio Ultimate is closed.
  2. Uninstall ProVia Studio Ultimate.
  3. Download the latest version here.

ProVia Studio Basic Updates

All users who have any previous editions please uninstall your current edition(s) then download and install the 2012 edition.

ProVia Studio Basic 2012 (271 MB)

ProVia Studio Basic 2018.1 (118 MB) (Windows 7 or higher required)

Instructions to Download:

  1. Save file to your desktop or another easily accessible location on your computer.
  2. Once downloaded, double-click the file to start installation.
  3. If you do not have the 4.0 version of the .NET Framework installed, you will be prompted to download it during the ProVia Studio 2015 installation process. It can also be downloaded from the link below.
    Please note that the 2018 release will be the final version of ProVia Studio. Please contact your Account Manager for information about the ProVia iPad app and entryLINK system.
    .NET Framework 4.0 Standalone Installer