SUGARCREEK, Ohio, February 15, 2018 –Any building project, whether it's an exterior spruce-up or a full-blown new home construction, requires detailed planning to be successful, and manufactured stone veneer is no exception. Stone work involves a unique set of materials and formulas that can create a huge headache if they’re not properly calculated ahead of time. To make things easier and to foolproof stone projects, this video offers a handy checklist that any installer should consider before getting started.

To apply the stone, you’ll need Type S mortar, which is also used in your grout joints. To estimate the amount of mortar you’ll need to mix, follow these general rules:

  • For the scratch coat needed for your surface prep, estimate 1 bag of Type S mortar per 100 square feet
  • For applying the stone, estimate 1 bag of Type S mortar per 100 square feet
  • For grouted applications, estimate 1 bag of Type S mortar per 100 square feet

For sand needed when mixing the mortar, estimate 2 parts sand per 1 part mortar. For example, if you're using a 70-pound bag of mortar you’ll need 140 pounds of sand.

Water-Resistant Barrier (WRB)
Most applications will require 2 layers of code approved, water-resistant barrier (WRB) that meets ASTM standard E2556/E2556m.

Self-Furring Metal Lath

  • Applications may also require code approved, corrosion-resistant, self-furring metal lath or 18-gauge woven wire mesh meeting ASTM C 1032
  • When installing to a rigid back wall, the lath will most likely be 2.5 pound self-furring galvanized expanded metal lath

You’ll also need rigid and flexible corrosion-resistant flashing for use with openings, protrusions and surface transitions.

Weep Screen Material
Finally, you’ll need a weep screen material, as a means of drainage at the final grade.

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