FineLine™ Technology

Defining The Standard


Cleaner corners allow you to appreciate the beauty of your patio door without distraction.

Fineline™ Technology will be standard on all laminated Endure Patio Doors with the option to upgrade on white, beige and sandstone vinyl.


Venting and Security

AccuVent™ (Standard)

AccuVent is ProVia's proprietary design featuring a two-part interconnecting system at the sash rail and a ratcheting option at the top of the patio frame giving you multiple venting options. This will be standard on your Endure™ patio door. Footlock is available as an option.

Endure Patio Door Options




Neopor is a graphite polystyrene rigid foam insulation that gives maximum efficiency and sustainability in building products. It is comprised of many small pockets of air within a polymer matrix containing graphite. The graphite reflects radiant heat energy like a mirror, increasing the material’s resistance to the flow of heat, or R-value. Most polymer-based foams exhibit a greater ability to slow the movement of heat as the temperature decreases; however, Neopor is unique because it increases R-Value as the temperature outside drops.

The vinyl profiles used in an Endure™ patio door are designed with premium wall cavities providing the highest levels of efficiency. This strong and rigid vinyl extrusion keeps you comfortable in your home without the need for insulation.

To provide further comfort, ProVia® uses Neopor insulation in certain cavities for even greater performance. Therefore, you can rest assured both the patio door frame and sash, along with the Neopor insulation are effectively regulating the temperature inside your home.



Weatherstripping is a very important part of preventing air from coming into your home. ProVia’s patio doors have weatherstripping on the frame and sash, ensuring you get a good seal at the important locations where air could pass through.

Bulb Seal

Bulb seals are seamless closed-cell compression seals that prevent water from penetrating the foam cell structure. Its extruded skin provides a unique UV resistant barrier with design features that enhance the weatherstrip’s sealing performance.


Seal woven and extruded pile weatherstripping with fin provides a very effective barrier against air, water, dust and noise, sealing against even and uneven surfaces with resistance to abrasion.


A patio door to fit your home

Two, Three or Four Panel Options

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Available in 2, 3 or 4-panel configurations and custom sizes