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Aspect Construction

The Aspect patio door’s standard features are simplified to what matters most in obtaining optimal energy efficiency, durability, smooth operation and home security.

Endure Patio Features
Endure Patio Features

Galvanized steel reinforced panels ensure rigidity and stable operation.

Endure Patio Features

Sill is reinforced with galvanized steel. Pair that with our patented water draining system, and the results are an efficient and durable base for our patio door.

Endure Patio Features

Strong, multi-chamber profiles and 5-3⁄8" frame depth offer greater thermal efficiency and increased sound abatement.

Endure Patio Features

Suspended by ball bearing rollers this top-hung heavy duty aluminum screen frame with BetterVue™ fiberglass mesh reduces binding, creating effortless operation.

Endure Patio Features

The vent lock adds peace of mind when you want to leave the door open for ventilation yet keep would-be intruders out.

Endure Patio Features

Patented sliding system features four adjustable 1" wheels per operating panel to ensure smooth, easy and quiet operation.

Endure Patio Features

Spring-loaded latch system automatically engages upon closing. Latch also includes interior locking feature. BetterVue® fiberglass mesh is standard, heavy-duty fiberglass or aluminum mesh is optional.

Endure Patio Features

Fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock perfectly, making removal from the outside virtually impossible. Lower sill design provides safer entry and exit.



Patio doors are available in White, Beige and Sandstone.

Aspect Patio colors
Aspect Patio Features


Aspect Configurations

ProVia’s Aspect vinyl sliding glass patio doors are available in two-, three- or four-panel configurations and standard or custom sizes. All 8’ wide units can be ordered assembled or knock-down.


Only available in 2-panel configuration in Certified Wind Load areas. Sidelites and transoms must be installed in a separate opening or use approved engineering mulls.

Only available in 2-panel configuration in Impact Shield areas. Sidelites and transoms are NOT available.

Fixed sidelites and transoms