Certifications cover Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone and Non-HVHZ

SUGARCREEK, Ohio, May 19, 2021 – ProVia, a leading manufacturer of professional-class exterior residential building products, announces its residential stamped metal roofing system is now certified for use in all Florida wind speed areas including Florida’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) and Non-HVHZ

ProVia’s Residential Metal Roofing System is Approved for Use in Florida:

  • Approved for HVHZ within Florida, including Miami-Dade and Broward Counties
  • Approved for application in and outside of Florida’s designated wind-borne debris areas
  • Design pressures that are equal or less than -56psf

ProVia’s Residential Metal Roofing System Meets the Following Florida Testing Requirements:

  • TAS 100 Wind and wind-driven rain resistance
  • TAS 110 Physical properties of roof membranes, insulation, adhesives, mastics, coatings
  • TAS 125 Uplift resistance testing for roofing panels

Third-party testing conducted by Intertek.

Weather-Resistant Design and Unique 4-way, Multi-point Locking System Enhance Performance

roofing diagram

ProVia’s residential metal roofing line is engineered to stand up to the most severe weather. Features include a unique 4-way, multi-point locking system and 10% more galvanized steel.

Launched in January 2021, ProVia’s new residential, stamped panel metal roofing system features a weather-resistant design and construction that includes a 4-way, multi-point locking system. This system provides edge-to-edge secure panel placement and field anchoring; defense against wind uplift at speeds up to 180 mph; a barrier system for shedding the forces of sheeting rain; and a reverse-side WaveLockTM design for increased panel strength. ProVia’s galvanized steel panels are manufactuered with 10% more galvanized steel to provide lifetime protection from hail, wind, rain and corrosion.

Florida Certifications Expand Dealer and Installer Opportunities

With ProVia’s Florida certifications, dealers and installers are now able to meet Florida’s code requirements and expand product offerings with ProVia’s new residential metal roofing system. ProVia’s high- performance metal roofing line features embossed, nature-inspired profiles, a comprehensive installer certification program, best-in-class warranties and a high level of customer service and business support.

For more information, visit ProVia.com/metal-roofing.

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