Providing Benefits Throughout the Year

Roofs can play a much larger role than just protecting homes from the elements, and ProVia’s metal roofing system is no exception. When installed properly, metal roofing also can help vent your home’s attic, providing important benefits.

metal roofing system

metal roof system with ventilation


Perils of Not Venting

But first let’s talk about what happens when roofs aren’t vented. In the winter, the attic air under an unvented roof becomes warmer than the outside air, allowing snow to melt.

The melted snow can travel to the eaves, where it can re-freeze and back up under shingles, contributing to ice dams.

In the summer, an unvented roof makes the overall home hotter and harder to cool.

Year-round Ventilation Benefits

Venting, however, makes all the difference. In winter, it allows the roof to remain cold, which prevents the snow from melting and contributing to ice dams.

In the summer, venting allows hot air to escape, keeping the overall house cooler, lowering energy costs and reducing roof deterioration. Roof system ventilation also reduces indoor temperature extremes in the summer, keeping the upper and lower floors at a more even temperature and increasing a home’s overall comfort.

Ventilation provides another important advantage because it allows built-up moisture to escape. This reduces condensation and lessens the risks of mold, mildew and fungus growth. It also minimizes the likelihood of wood rot.

Metal Roof System with Venting

How it Works

Air enters the roof through soffit vents and rises to the top of the attic as it warms up. Vents at the ridge of the roof (where the two sides meet at the top) allow the warmer air a natural exhaust point.

All Part of the ProVia Metal Roofing System

Proper ventilation is an integral component of ProVia’s metal roofing system, which was designed with high performance and long life in mind. Our steel roofing system is comprised of five main elements, each providing important benefits:

  • Ice and Water Shield – a self-adhesive layer that protects the roof substrate from ice dams
  • Underlayment – a water-resistant barrier that provides additional protection from condensation and severe weather
  • Roof Panel – steel panels that deliver the right design touch combined with outstanding resistance to weather hazards
  • Ridge Vent – where the hot air escapes, preventing snow melt in the winter and decreasing heating costs in the summer
  • Ridge Cap – a pleasing-looking finish to your metal roofing, installed over the ridge vent itself

Metal Roofing for All Seasons

Whether you live in a hot climate or cold climate – or somewhere in between, ProVia’s metal roof system provides outstanding value and unparalleled protection for your home.