Buying Peace of Mind

When making a significant home exterior upgrade and investment, homeowners want assurance of the overall quality of the product and the workmanship to install it.

When it comes to metal roofing, ProVia has you covered in both areas.

Unparalleled Product Performance

Our metal shake and slate roofing has been designed to perform and look better longer than any other asphalt or metal roofing product.  Our product engineering included installation considerations to ensure that every application of our metal roofing would yield a professional result.

Product design innovations we created that help in the installation process and overall performance:

  • Pre-cut starter panels that eliminate the need for hand-cutting;
  • Coordinating and decorative trim and flashings that protect against water infiltration, anchor the roofing system and prevent wind uplift;
  • Finishing components that provide the final edge-to-edge fit-and-finish for a refined appearance;
  • Customizations that enable our metal roofing to be applied to a new roof or on an existing roof;
  • Specialized tools, developed by ProVia, and used by our certified installers that reduce installation time and improve the quality of the roofing installation.
Metal Roof Installation, metal roofing install

ProVia metal roofing is backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Limited Warranty that not only protects your roof for the duration of your home ownership, but also will transfer to one subsequent owner!

Warrantied for Quality Installation

Metal Roofing Warranty

Most roofing manufacturers warranty the quality of their product, but not damage caused by faulty installation. ProVia has made a significant investment to ensure installation quality by creating its own Certified Installer program.

Only companies who have participated in ProVia’s rigorous two-day installation certification program are able to buy and install our metal roofing products.

This assures both ProVia and homeowners that our metal roofing is being installed exactly as it was engineered to be, to deliver the long-term performance you expect.

One-of-a-Kind Coverage

Along with our own Lifetime Limited Warranty for the quality of our metal roofing products, our Certified Installer program enables ProVia dealers to provide an additional Workmanship Warranty that covers the installation of our product.   

Coverage you can’t get anywhere else.  Peace of mind for years to come.