Protecting What You Value Most

ProVia’s residential steel roofing panels are engineered to provide lifetime protection from hail, wind, rain and corrosion, while maintaining their aesthetic beauty. Here’s how we do that:

10% More Galvanized Steel

At 26-gauge, ProVia metal shake and slate roofing is 10% thicker than the industry average (28-30 gauge) – which makes our product more durable and less resistant to impact damage. And, it’s up to 3x lighter than asphalt shingles.

galvanized metal roof residential, steel roof
  1. Fluropon® Low Sheen Clear Coat
    A unique exterior finish with a desired flat or "satin" finish
  2. Fluropon® Decorative Ink
    Takes aesthetics to a new level with a special effect for distinctive curb appeal
  3. Fluropon® Kynar 500® (70% PVDF)
    Contains solar-reflective pigments that resists heat absorption for Exceptional Color, Durability and Gloss Retention
  4. Primer
    Corrosion Resistance and Bonding
  5. Zinc Pre-Treatment
    Adhesion, Moisture & Corrosion Protection
  6. G90 Zinc Galvanized Coating
    Corrosion Inhibitor
  7. ProVia's Metal Roofing Product Manufactured with .0179 Galvanized Steel
  8. G90 Zinc Galvanized Coating
    Corrosion Inhibitor
  9. Zinc Pre-Treatment
    Adhesion, Moisture & Corrosion Protection
  10. Primer
    Corrosion Resistance and Bonding
  11. Epoxy Back Coat
    Corrosion Resistance



Enhanced Protection with GalvaTec™

This exclusive finish system meets or exceeds rigorous ASTM performance standards, providing long-term protection from the elements, including:

  • UV protection against chalking and weathering;
  • Resistance to algae and black streaks;
  • Corrosion resistance.
Residential Steel Roofing Standards, steel roofs

Weather-resistant Design & Construction


Our 4-way multi-point locking system provides:

  • Edge-to-edge secure panel placement and field anchoring;
  • Defense against wind uplift at speeds up to 180 mph;
  • An ultimate barrier system for shedding the forces of sheeting rain;
  • Reverse-side WaveLock™ design for increased panel strength.


Steel roofing styles and colors

Carefully Crafted Authentic Textures and Colors

ProVia’s steel roofing is formed using a state-of-the-art steel-embossing process that creates panel texture you can feel and adds strength to the panel. Realistic hues accentuate the authentic look of hand-split wood shake or quarried slate.