ProVia offers eight styles of manufactured stone veneer in a number of colors suitable for a wide variety of interior and exterior stone applications. Each of our manufactured stones is carefully selected from unique geographic regions and then skillfully molded and cast. The result is an exquisite stone veneer that mimics the texture and color of natural stone.

Our manufactured stone veneer collections can be used individually to add visual interest to a room or home exterior or blended to create a pattern and aesthetic unique to your home.  Check out our manufactured stone photo gallery for design ideas, or start your design process using our Visualizer.

Learn more about ProVia's manufactured stone veneer below.

Terra Cut

The all-new Terra Cut stone collection is a ProVia exclusive that embodies key characteristics of weatherworn, coarse-grained, and coral style stones. This one-of-a-kind profile creates a striking appearance through a sensational amount of texture within each stone, as well as multiple dimensions from stone to stone.


ProVia's stone Ledgestone Collection features the rough surface, jagged edges and rich color of real stone. Our Ledgestone stone veneer styles can take on completely different looks simply by the installation - either dry stacked or grouted.

Dry Stack

ProVia's stone Dry Stack Collection provides you with several different manufactured stone styles from which to choose, making it possible to customize the interior or exterior of your home with a look that's yours alone.


ProVia's stone Limestone Collection features nine styles of chiseled, square and rectangular stones that complement a variety of designs for interior and exterior stone veneer applications.


ProVia's stone Fieldstone Collection features several styles of uniquely shaped manufactured stones that fit together tightly, giving your home a standout look.

River Rock

ProVia's stone River Rock Collection features beautifully rounded, smooth stones that are the perfect choice for interior or exterior decorative stone accents, edging or front facings.

Natural Cut

Our Natural Cut manufactured stone collection is a ProVia original. Its large stone surfaces with natural textures and irregular cuts mimic Old World Charm.


Just like its name...Installers appreciate how easily, quickly and precisely PrecisionFit precast panel systems are installed. Consumers love the natural color, realistic texture and character of this stone veneer product.