Color reflects your distinct personality

Architectural Creativity The days of plain gray grout are long gone. Today, you have an almost unlimited palette of color options.

Visually blend your stone together into a near-seamless palette by selecting a color that closely emulates the dominant color of the stone. Choosing a well-matched color creates a natural and uniform appearance, with the grout barely noticeable.

To make the color and shape of your stone more prominent and to create additional visual drama, choose a contrasting color. With a darker stone, you would select a lighter grout and vice versa. This technique lets grout share the stage with stone, coming together to make a bold statement.

For a truly unique, standout effect choose an accent color for the grout. Visually connect the stonework to your home by coloring the grout to match the trim and other elements, or simply select a grout hue that pleases your eye.

What look do you want to create? Ask your ProVia® stone product specialist to help guide you through the selection process.

For a unique home exterior design, choose a grout color that matches a darker colored siding, or a matching color tone in the stone.

Chesapeake Ledgestone with white grout
Chesapeake Ledgestone with gray grout
Slate Terra Cut with charcoal gray grout
Slate Terra Cut with gray grout


How lighting affects the way you see color

Exterior Application

Exterior applications

Choosing the color of stone for your home’s exterior is important to you. Making the right color choice can increase curb appeal and the value of your home.

As you look at all the different styles and colors of ProVia's stone products, it is important to factor in lighting when making your choice. Daylight, or more specifically, direct sunlight versus indirect sunlight, impacts how color is perceived.

Direct Sun

In the image above, notice how the direct sunlight has a dramatic affect on the color of the stone. Direct sunlight can also create dramatic shadow lines providing increased visual appeal.


As you look at the stone colors in the shaded parts of the home, it begins to take on a completely different look and feel. Colors become less vivid creating a softer, more subtle look. Shadow lines are reduced and sometimes eliminated.

Interior Application

Interior applications

ProVia's stone products can also be installed on the interior of your home. Fireplaces, kitchens, family room walls… our diverse selection of stone profiles and colors can create pleasant, welcoming atmospheres within the walls of your home.

Color is affected by the lighting inside your home, and lighting can have a tremendous impact on how you see color, as shown in the picture above. Light reflected from painted walls, stained wood, and colored carpeting, for example, can provide dramatic color shifts that can make the stone color appear different. Thus, creating an impressive atmosphere within your home.

When choosing your ProVia stone products for exterior or interior purposes, we encourage you to choose carefully, and look at our colors within the environments they will be installed in. This will provide you with a truer representation of what you can expect to see with your finished project.