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Stacked stone veneer, stack stone mvma

ProVia’s Dry Stack stone collection comes in eleven color palettes, each replicating the rich stone colors found in various regions across the country.

Stacked stone is a popular choice for a variety of exterior and interior applications, including stacked stone fireplaces. With no grout required, this is often the preferred material choice for DIY projects. ProVia's stacked stone is a popular choice because of the careful craftsmanship of each stone to ensure the various profiles can easily fit together and that there are enough colors and shapes to construct appealing and natural-looking patterns. Like all of our other products, our Dry Stack stone is produced right here in the U.S., in our stone production plant in Ohio.  

Use our Color Reference Guide for assistance in matching appropriate trim colors or use our Visualizer design tool to sample our stacked stone colors on a photo of your home.



Our stone collections provide rich color, natural beauty and realism and are easy to install. Review all of our stone collections to easily compare size, shape and color.

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