Storm doors offer a number of advantages for homes in certain environments:

  • They provide protection for your entry door from rain, snow and ice;
  • They can add a layer of insulation for front doors that aren’t terribly energy efficient;
  • And, they provide outdoor visibility for homes with solid front doors.

Storm doors are offered with a wide range of options, including low-e (low emissivity) glass, which can increase the energy efficiency of your entryway. But are low-e storm doors worth the investment? 

Advantages of Low-E Storm Doors 

Low e diagram Low-e storm doors use a thin, invisible coating that reduces the infrared and ultraviolet light coming through the door glass. In the wintertime, low-e glass lets radiant heat pass through but doesn’t allow it to come back out, which means it can help retain heat within your home. In the summertime, it helps keep some of the heat out. Low-e glass also features UV protection that can prevent fading of items inside your home.

Disadvantages of Low-E Storm Doors

Low e diagram 2

Depending on the circumstance, the heat that is trapped between the low-e storm door and entry door can cause a number of problems, including:

  • Warping the glass trim on the entry door
  • Warping or bowing the entire entry door
  • Freezing of the storm door when winter cold causes condensation to form as cold air hits trapped hot air.

To prevent these issues, it’s important to have proper ventilation of your storm door so trapped hot air is released.

Using a low-e storm door without adequate ventilation creates a variety of problems, which is why ProVia does not recommend their use for certain applications.

ProVia’s Recommendation

We encourage homeowners to consider low-e glass for their entry doors, rather than for their storm doors. ProVia offers a number of glass options that make entry doors very energy efficient.  Front door areas with high sun exposure are not ideally suited for low-e storm doors. An alternative would be to add a gray or bronze tint to the glass of the storm door. Adding a gray or bronze tint will reduce UV infiltration, help keep some of the heat out, and let heat escape, avoiding the potential issues caused by low-e glass on storm doors.

Additionally, ProVia offers five lines of storm doors, with various options that improve the functionality of your entryway. Learn more about our storm doors to see which one is best for your home: