Why You Want Factory Painted or Stained Front Entry Doors

ProVia Custom Entry Doors Feature a Professionally Applied Finish

Imagine visiting several big box stores and home and garden shows over a period of weeks to determine the best new front door for your home, comparing panel styles, skin textures, hardware and glass styles. You think about safety features, energy efficiency, door strength, performance and warranties.

You choose your front door style, then start thinking about paint or stain color. That’s when you find out:  The entry door manufacturer doesn’t provide factory stained or painted doors.  You or your installer will need to do this, or the dealer from whom you are buying the door will hire a painter to finish it after installation.  Once installed, your door will be painted or stained with standard materials out in the open, in an uncontrolled environment where dust or other particulates can blow onto your door while it is air drying.

Is that really the course you want to take for the most visible feature on the front of your home?

Most entry door manufacturers do not paint or stain doors.  And, among those that do or the dealers that have it done for you, the warranty on paint or stain is usually 90 days to 1 year. 

That doesn’t inspire much confidence in the long-term appearance of your front door.

Stained, Painted Doors: The ProVia Way

Unlike at most other door manufacturers, a professionally applied paint or stain finish is applied to doors before leaving the ProVia factory. At ProVia, our mission is “to serve, by caring for details in ways others won't.” When it comes to the finish on our front entry doors, that means developing a finishing process that not only delivers on appearance, but an assurance of durability, with a 7- or 10-year warranty against flaking, checking, blistering or peeling, depending on the product.

ProVia’s professional process includes a proprietary pre-paint and stain prepping technique and an oven-curing procedure that ensures the finish will adhere firmly and last for years.  Our stains, hand applied by professionals with many years and tens of thousands of doors worth of experience, are specially formulated to provide a luxurious appearance.

DuraFuse™ Stain Finishing System

ProVia’s 7-step DuraFuse Stain Finishing System enables our company to offer an unprecedented 10-year warranty on the finish of our Embarq and Signet fiberglass front entry doors.   Here’s the process:

  1. P3 Fusion
    Proprietary Preparation Processes ensuring unprecedented finish durability
  2. Stain Finish
    Hand-applied finish formulated exclusively for Embarq and Signet fiberglass doors
  3. UV Resistant Clear Coat
    A layer of 2-part urethane, catalyst-hardened clear coat with UV inhibitors is applied
  4. Oven-Cured
    Clear coat is oven-cured for lasting durability
  5. Hand-Sanded
    The door is sanded, preparing the surface for the second layer of clear coat
  6. UV Resistant Clear Coat
    A second layer of 2-part urethane, catalyst-hardened clear coat with UV inhibitors is applied
  7. Oven-Cured
    The door is oven-cured a second time, creating a long-lasting, durable finish

Our painting process for Embarq and Signet entry doors similarly features a 5-step DuraFuse™ Paint Finishing System that includes specially formulated paint applied in a custom-built, automated, robotic painting booth that ensures an even finish in a controlled environment.

Separately, our 5-step staining process and 4-step paint process for Heritage fiberglass front doors enable ProVia to offer a 7-year warranty on the finish, far greater than any competitor.  Our Legacy Steel entry doors similarly are painted and stained in a 5-step process that provides a 7-year warranty on finish.

A wide range of colorsA Bevy of  Color Choices

Along with the best finishing process, ProVia offers a wide palette of attractive paint and stain door colors from which to choose, as well as several options for glazed door finishes. ProVia also offers custom stain capabilities and can match any Sherwin Williams paint color.  

View stain and paint color options for ProVia custom entry doors:

Ready to get started with ProVia?  Use our Designer Collections to view ideas for combining various door, window, siding and stone colors, or start designing your front door using our Visualizer.