Decorative Window Styles, Glass Make Your Home Stand Out

You love your home. Your neighborhood, your yard, your siding colors and custom front door – all perfectly suited to your tastes. Your patio furniture, your interior color scheme and furnishings – all perfect, too.

But, still, something doesn’t seem quite right. That nagging feeling is your subconscious telling you it’s time to take a long, hard look at installing replacement windows.

It's probably been a while, hasn’t it? Your old home windows don’t come close to being as energy efficient as new windows. They may no longer have the look and feel to match your updated interior – and exterior – design.

Custom home replacement windows are the perfect solution to all of those issues. Customization provides a nearly infinite ability for you to mix and match features, including:



Depending on the needed functionality and desired look, custom home replacement windows are available in a wide range of styles, such as:

Architectural shapes are another option for custom home replacement windows, ranging from full arches to octagons and lunettes to other more non-traditional configurations.

Architectural and traditional window styles can be used independently, or you can combine styles in an unending variety to suit any need:

  • A casement window on each side of a bow window to provide ventilation and an uninterrupted view
  • A lunette stacked directly above a picture window to create a dramatic flair
  • An octagon to add the right touch to a stairway landing


Finishes vary by window line, with our ecoLite windows offering clean bright-white vinyl interiors and exteriors, while our Aspect windows add beige and sandstone into the mix.

Other ProVia brands, such as our Endure windows, provide a combination of interior colors, like white and different shades of oak or cherry, with exterior options, like beige, sandstone and classic bronze.

For optimum customization, Aeris windows offer pre-finished wood interiors and maintenance-free vinyl exteriors, combining the warmth and beauty of real wood with the weather resistance of vinyl.
Aeris interiors are available in oak, cherry and maple wood that can be stained, sanded, re-stained or painted.


Gone are the days when the only choice for custom home replacement windows was clear glass. Today’s wide range of custom colors and patterns affords you the ultimate opportunity to bring your design vision to life, with decorative windows that make your home the envy of your neighbors.

ProVia's many window glass options include Inspirations™ Art Glass, combining old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology in a variety of striking designs and color palettes. Privacy glass, available in several styles, achieves the perfect marriage of form and function, maintaining your home’s privacy while allowing light to filter in. You can even combine privacy glass with Inspirations Art Glass for the best combination of privacy and decorative flair. Or, for the maximum in privacy and energy efficiency, select windows with internal blinds.


As an alternative to art glass, internal grids provide a great range of customization choices to set your replacement windows, and home, apart. ProVia offers several grid patterns among a wide variety of decorative options to complement any home décor.

Bringing it All Together

The myriad design choices available for custom home replacement windows, including great styles, decorative glass patterns and window frame colors in a practically unending number of combinations can sometimes lead to decision fatigue.

Thankfully, ProVia and our outstanding network of dealers are uniquely situated to assist in creating the right custom look for your home.

We understand your concerns and have dedicated an entire section of our website as a resource area for homeowners with custom design questions. There you can find articles, videos and a wide range of brochures on topics like design ideas and product information.

You can also browse through our photo galleries for fresh ideas.

Replacing your home windows with custom windows from ProVia will make your home the gem of your neighborhood.