Bring Eyeballs Into Your Showroom – Virtually!

Joe Klink is Director of Corporate Relations for ProVia

By Joe Klink

A few weeks ago Hallie Busta, Assistant Editor for Custom Home, ProSales and Residential Architect magazines wrote something that created an “ah-ha moment” for us. She said:

If you're thinking that a 360-degree panoramic view of your showroom or design center—accessible from potential customers' desktops—could spur them to make the trek to your location, then you're in luck. A relatively new feature from Google's Google Maps platform lets users do exactly that, opening up a new interface for small business owners to virtually interact with clients and drum up foot traffic, Fast Company reports. The system has been up and running for a while, Google says, but it recently made the platform easier to use by labeling businesses on its maps that have panoramic interior views with an orange dot. Want to hire a Google-vetted photographer to put your space on the map? Here's how.

- ProSales, September 2012

Putting Ah-Ha Into Action

We immediately recognized the potential opportunities that this marketing tool would create for our dealers. Many of our dealers’ showrooms are beautiful and effectively demonstrate ProVia products. Once dealers are able to get prospects into their showroom, the sales staff is highly capable of converting them into sales. But the trick is getting them into your showroom, isn’t it?

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Wood vs. Composite Door Frames? Let Mother Nature decide.

Todd Gibson is Installer Certification Program Manager for ProVia

By Todd Gibson

With the recent launch of our new PermaTech Composite Door frames, you may be wondering – when is composite the best choice? The answer is…it depends. In most instances, we still recommend our traditional wood door frame and brickmold, because this works great in most scenarios.

Composites Combat the Extremes

If you have specific environmental considerations – such as salt spray, high insect populations, or moss – then composite is right for you, because it has anti-insect, anti-fungal, and rot-resistant properties.

High-humidity, high-moisture environments and extreme weather exposure areas can benefit from composites. Also, the north side of a home in a shaded area, where there is moss growing off the side of the house, is a good candidate.

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