Donut Holes, Coloring Books & Energy Efficient Door Manufacturing

Chris Nolt is Testing & Certification Engineer for ProVia

By Chris Nolt

What do donut holes, foam-filled sliding glass patio doors and coloring books have to do with energy efficient door manufacturing? These are just some of ProVia’s innovations that have recently earned us a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2013 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award.

ProVia’s ENERGY STAR® Checklist

For this award, the EPA looks for outstanding contributions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing energy-efficient doors and educating consumers about energy efficiency. Here are some of the achievements that demonstrate ProVia’s leadership in manufacturing ENERGY STAR entry doors and patio doors.

WX9600 Extrusion

1. Product Qualification on the Rise

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Sun and Brains – Tapping into the Power

Larry Troyer is CFO for ProVia

By Larry Troyer

Being in the business of making energy-efficient doors, windows and vinyl siding, we ask ourselves: is there more we can do to conserve earth’s natural resources?

Earth’s Bounty of Natural Energy

I’m told that enough sunlight falls on the earth every minute to meet the entire planet’s energy demands for an entire year. God gave us the sun and the wind, and the brains to harness them. So much clean, powerful energy, all around us! Yet, as a global community, we’re barely tapping into these resources. At ProVia, we decided to put our heads together with a company named Paradise Energy Solutions to figure out what kind of technology could help us to tap into the power of the sun.

Solar Panels atop ProVia's Facilities

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